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Sun Flower – Nominee for SIFF Asian New Talent Award – is to be screened on October 19th


Sun Flower, directed by Zhang Luoping, produced by Luo Haifu and starred by Wu Chao, Hai Erfu, Wang Like, Lv Yulai and Jin Xilian, will open nationwide on October 19th. The film co-produced by Beijing Dream Motion Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Beijing Ling Shang Zhao Yang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was nominated in the 21st SIFF Asian New Talent Award category for Best Cinematography, and received favorable comment during the panorama of the film festival. Many audiences exalted the cinematographic style of Zhang Luoping’s first work as “picturesque and impressive”.  


Poster of Sun Flower
The story happened in an ordinary family. The ten-year-old boy Xiang Yang(starred by Hai Erfu) returned to his father(stared by Wu Chao) to live with him. During the time which the solitary son and the compunctious father spent together, along with laughter as well as tears, barriers were broken, and the father-son bond was rebuilt.

Still from Sun Flower
Among domestic films, there are abundant films depicting mother’s love, while stories involving father’s love are rare to be seen. Chinese father-and-son relationship is relatively implicit, while Director Zhang Luoping skillfully used the artistic form to express the strength of father’s love. 

Still fromSun Flower
Zhang Luoping, the director, was one of the few fashion photographers in China. Sun Flower is his first directorial effort after his career change. The image and narrative style, marked by his strong personal feature and artistic atmosphere, are both closely related to his previous working experience of photography.

Still from Sun Flower 

The way how images and colors are used is especially amazing. The director depicted Xiang Yang's childhood experience in a dream-like way. Images of the rainy night, the midst, the grassland, and the wheat field are beautiful and poetic as paintings, reflecting strong love between the father and the son, and depicted the young man’s sensitive and stubborn psychological activities.

Still from Sun Flower
As for the selection of subject, Zhang Luoping said “the company of original families as children grow up has always been a widely concerned topic. Now that we are used to the ‘luxury food’ on the big screen, having some ‘vegetable soup’ occasionally would also be great."

Application for 22nd SIFF Asian New Talent Award 
2018.11.15 to 2019.3.31



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