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Bigger audience targets set for art house movies

By Liza Li(Shanghai Daily)


China’s art house cinema circuit is on a mission to expand diversity and reach broader audiences, the ongoing 21st Shanghai International Film Festival heard yesterday.


And different platforms in China have offered opportunities to promote auteur films, the SIFFORUM on new approaches to greater diversity in Chinese cinema was told.


Sun Xianghui, director of China Film Archive and president of China Film Art Research Centre, spoke about an imbalance between market performance and audience feedback for art cinema in China.


Sun said more production and distribution institutions were starting to help art house films enter the major theater chains.


“More and more art house film production and distribution institutions are now working to bring auteur films into the major theater chains," she said.


"The festivals also serve as a platform to promote the films, and various ticket and social media channels have made significant contributions to development,”said Sun.


In 2016, China Film Archive initiated the Nationwide Alliance of Arthouse Cinemas. More than 1,000 theaters across China have joined the initiative, each theater designating a hall for art house films and screening at least four every day, one in prime time.


The plan has achieved box office success with films like“The Shape of Water”and“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.”


Sun also pointed out a problem with Chinese art house films was that young filmmakers were too focused on the dark side of society and telling stories in a gloomy visual style.


“It’s no problem if it’s a news feature or a documentary that speaks the truth. But for art house films, some of them are just too sad. Audiences won’t want to watch something so depressing after a day’s hard work,”she said.


Matthew Liu, vice- president of Youku, Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group, noted that theater release and online streaming had been traditionally separate sectors. But in recent years, new possibilities had emerged to link both online and offline distribution.


He cited the example of the Italian film“Perfetti sconosciuti” which was released online two years ago in China. It was re-released this year in theaters and achieved a 50 million box office.


Online and offline film releases are more closely related now, he said, and some films have had good results with synchronized release.


“We can also further explore regional distribution, like releasing a film in Dongbei dialect in theaters in Northeastern China and online in the rest of the country,”he said.


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Aussies encourage film exchanges, focus on movie award

By Joyce Xu(Shanghai Daily)


The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) has released a series of programs encouraging film exchange at the ongoing 21st Shanghai International Film Festival.


AACTA announced that film entries from China, South Korea, Japan and Malaysia will vie for the inaugural Best Asian Film Award to be presented at the 2018 AACTA Awards later this year.


Among the Chinese productions are military film "Operation Red Sea," suspense movie "Detective Chinatown II," sci-fi thriller film "Battle of Memories" and fantasy movie "Asura."


Other entries include South Korean fantasy film "With God," Japanese drama film "Shoplifters" and Malaysian action adventure movie "Tombiruo."


Oscar and AACTA award- winning actor Russell Crowe will act as the President of the Asian Film Grand Jury. Veteran Australian filmmakers Phillip Noyce and Paul Currie will join the panel this year.


To enhance its exchange and cooperation with Chinese filmmakers, AACTA held a few programs during this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival.


For the first time, professionals from the awardwinning animation company Animal Logic were invited to give a master class for Chinese animators.


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Shooting starts on anniversary tribute film to reform era

By Joyce Xu(Shanghai Daily)


“Marathon in the Spring,”a film tribute to the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening- up, was launched yesterday at the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival. Shooting for the film will begin soon.


The realistic comedy, based on the true story of Ninghai, Zhejiang Province, depicts the achievements of China’s villages since the start of the new era. It stars young actors Zhang Duo and Xu Baihui.


The film is also a joint effort in filmmaking with the Yangtze River Delta region.


Director Xia Xiaoyun said the production crew had already visited dozens of villages in Ninghai to prepare for the filming.


"We are trying to present a heart- warming and sincere production," said Xia.


Chen Yuren, vice- president of Shanghai Media Group, a producer of the movie, said the film is an important project for the company.


"The original story is touching and thought- provoking, and it inspired us to make a movie," Chen said.


The film is expected to hit cinemas across China in December.


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'Friday's Child' best film nominee director praises his star

By Liza Li(Shanghai Daily)


American director A.J. Edwards’s new crime drama, "Friday’s Child," is nominated for the Golden Goblet Awards at this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival.


Premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival, the film tells the story of a young drifter who’s fresh out of foster care at the age of 18. He turns to petty crime to survive and discovers an impossible love in an unlikely friend.


Edwards spoke to the media yesterday about the making of the film, stressing the great effort put into editing to tell the story and convey the emotions in a dramatic way. He also praised the punchy primary colors in the movie.


The film stars Tye Sheridan in the lead role, an actor the director met at age 10 when he was casting children for the 2011 movie“Tree of Life.”


“Each actor has a different approach to the character and acting style. Tye is very natural and very personable, and I shared different movies with him so he could understand what I wanted,”Edwards said.


The name of film was inspired by the 19th century English nursery rhyme“Monday’s Child.”


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