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Films from late master to screen at Shanghai Film Festival 

By Joyce Xu(Shanghai Daily)


The ongoing Shanghai International Film Festival in June will screen seven productions of late filmmaker Xie Jin (1923- 2008) in the“Tribute to the Masters”program.


Xie’s highly acclaimed movies“Two Stage Sisters”and “Hibiscus Town”will be shown in newly restored 4K versions, 10 years after his death.


Xie’s 1962 black- and-white comedy“Da Li, Xiao Li and Lao Li”will be presented in a new version dubbed with Shanghai dialect. Famous Shanghai farce performers Qian Cheng and Shu Yue and TV host Cao Kefan will give their voices to the special version.


Xie’s other films to be exhibited during the program include sports film“Woman Basketball Player No. 5,” war epic “The Red Detachment of Women” and dramas “Legend of Tianyun Mountain” and “The Herdsman.”


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Veteran Chinese filmmaker Xie Jin (1923-2008). (Pic by Tigong)




3D traditional Chinese opera films to hit film fest

By Joyce Xu(Shanghai Daily)


Two 3D traditional Chinese opera films — Kunqu film“The Bell Tolls for a Dynasty”and Yueju film “The Love Story in the Western Chamber”— will premiere at Majestic Theater on June 21. It took the Shanghai Center of Chinese Opera about three years to produce the movies. Officials said the films retained the artistry of traditional Chinese operas while to make them more accessible to young audiences.


“The Bell Tolls for a Dynasty”condensed the theater version of over two hours into around 100 minutes. Set in the late Ming Dynasty (1368- 1644), the film depicts the fall and the last turbulent days of the dynasty. It is also the first 3D Kunqu Opera movie.


“The Love Story in the Western Chamber”tells of a romance between Cui Yingying and Zhang Junrui. It stars famous Yueju Opera performers Qian Huili and Fang Yafen in poetic scenes and romantic melodies.


This year’s Shanghai International Film Festival will host forums on traditional Chinese opera films. Audiences will have the opportunity to have face- to- face talks with the crew members.


The Shanghai Center of Chinese Operas also announced that they will collaborate with Shanghai Film Museum to set up a screening base for traditional Chinese opera films.


Later the movies will be screened in local schools and communities.


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“The Love Story in the Western Chamber.” (Pic by Tigong)




Film fest tickets snapped up movie buffs

By Joyce Xu(Shanghai Daily)


Tickets for the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival were snatched up by movie buffs through mobile phones starting 8 a.m. on June 9th, 2018. A total of 52,894 tickets were sold by quick fingers within one minute when the online selling started at 8 am that day. Tickets for many screenings were sold out online within an hour.


By 6 p.m. on June 9, the festival had sold a total of 387, 077 tickets. In addition to movie buffs in the city, Film Panorama also attracted a lot of users in the neighboring Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces to buy tickets online.


For the first time the ticket selling on dianying.taobao. com had begun two hours earlier than that at the cinemas around the city. Alipay also provides easy ticket purchasing for cellphone users.


Some elderly and middle- aged people chose to buy tickets at downtown cinemas, where ticket selling started at 10 a.m.. Though they got up early, they found that tickets for many screenings had already been sold out by online users.


"I am not good at mobile stuff," said a woman in her 60s, surnamed Ye. "I should have asked my daughter for help to buy the tickets online."


The film festival runs from June 16 to 25. Around 500 movies from home and abroad are screened at 45 local cinemas including the Shanghai Film Art Center, Grand Cinema and Cathay Theater.


Among the popular screenings are French filmmaker Agnes Varda's new documentary film "Visages Villages," Palme d'Or- winning Japanese film "Shoplifters," a restored 4K edition of Alfred Hitchcock's thriller "Rebecca."


19 CFP.jpg

Many citizens were queueing up for buying tickets. (Pic by CFP)



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