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Pilot Media in strategy to develop top quality suspense scripts

By Joyce Xu(Shanghai Daily)


Pilot Media will cooperate with leading domestic online literature platforms and film production companies to create more high quality suspense scripts, officials told a screenwriters forum at the 24th Shanghai TV Festival.


The initiative will involve talented young screenwriters being cultivated as a joint effort of Pilot Media and Migu Reading.


Literary works offered by China Literature Limited and Jiuyuu.com will also provide a range of resources and ideas for scripts with outstanding works being developed into suspense movies and TV series.


President of Pilot Media, Zhang Yongchen, told the forum a challenge for Chinese screenwriters was how to create scripts with distinctive elements of Chinese culture.


"Screenwriters in China also need to learn many new scriptwriting concepts and styles from their Western peers," Zhang said.


"The suspense genre will definitely become a hot spot on Chinese screens," he predicted.


Online series production teams and young screenwriters, including Tian Shen, Wang Wentong and Yang Ruoxuan, have announced they will join Pilot Media to create more original and youthful stories.


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Chinese screenwriters can create new scripwriting concepts with Chinese culture elements. (Pic by Tigong)




Wealth of new shows offered at bigger TV Market

By Liza Li(Shanghai Daily)


An important platform that connects TV networks, production companies and buyers, the TV section of this year’s International Film and TV Market featured 183 exhibiting companies .


The aim of the TV Market is to provide a diverse and flexible interactive content platform for TV institutions from home and abroad to facilitate cultural exchange and cooperation.


It included for the first time this year the Belt and Road Pavilion which hosted TV program presentations and a meeting of global buyers.


Participating institutions in the market included SMG Pictures, Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, RTS- Radio Television of Serbia, Croton Cultural Media and more.


Many leading Chinese film and TV companies promoted their top TV drama series and variety shows.


Huace Group has produced many super hits over recent years and in 2018 is promoting 39 TV series of different genres.


They include urban dramas such as“Entrepreneurial Age,”“Perfect Partner”and“Coup de foudre,”and costume dramas“Handsome Siblings,”“Queen Dugu” and“An Oriental Odyssey,”among others.


WingsMedia, a wholly- owned subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group, featured English language programs like “A Fistful of Kung Fu,”“China Untapped”and“Culture Matters” which showcase Chinese culture and traditions to international audiences.


Production company 2016 Entertainment highlighted its upcoming urban dramas including “Growing Pain,” “Wonderful”and“ER Doctors.”


A major trend noted this year is that the market’s appetite for major, expensive IPs is fading as real world stories become more popular with production companies and networks.


International pavilions at the TV Market featured top networks and production companies canvassing their latest projects.


MBC showcased drama series“Man Who Sets the Table”which tells the story of a retired man fighting the collapse of his family. It’s directed by Joo Sungwoo and written by Park Hyun-joo.


KBS Media featured projects including “Marry Me Now?”, "Queen of Mystery Season 2" and "Jugglers."


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The scene of the TV Market, people with different identities found their interests. (Pic by CFP)


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Korean TV production exhibitor. (Pic by CFP)




Animation experts agree there's more room for improvement

By Liza Li(Shanghai Daily)


The animation jury panel of this year’s Magnolia Awards joined the TV animation panel to discuss new perspectives on creativity, content and promotion at the ongoing 24th Shanghai TV Festival.


The panels were told the Chinese animation industry had greatly improved its content quality since the adjustment and control of markets and policies.


However, there was further room for improvement in animated Chinese products to enhance their international competitiveness.


Kay Benbow, chair of this year’s Magnolia Awards animation jury panel, noted the trends in children's animation were fundamentally about influencing younger audiences positively through characters and storytelling.


“The important thing is to be yourself, accept the difference and changes, and do the right thing,”said Benbow, a producer and independent consultant from UK. “We must inspire confident and resilient children,”she added.


British animation series“Peppa Pig”had recently become enormously popular in China and Benbow explained it was a family story with universal themes. It had emotions that children and parents recognized.


Chinese animation scriptwriter Ma Hua noted the industry needed excellent content and creativity, followed by stronger implementation capabilities.


“In addition to having nice visual presentation, animated productions must have emotional resonance," Ma said. "What’s more important than technique is the warmth behind the stories.”


Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, vice- president of creative content and technologies at Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, explained that animation education was very new in Malaysia.


He said platforms such as Shanghai TV Festival allowed practitioners and writers to understand how to make better animated products.


The Malaysian animation market had two tracks, he said, one of which was focused domestically and was very profitable, while the other created new content for the international market.


“This allows us to cope with the international market. I think it is now more important to understand new platforms and how to use them to support the content,”he said.


14 CFP图.jpg

A group photo of animation experts joining the forum. (Pic by CFP)




Tencent releases teaser for new Chinese food culture doco

By Joyce Xu(Shanghai Daily)


Tencent's multi- content platform v.qq.com and Penguin Pictures held a documentary forum and released the trailer of the highly anticipated show “Once Upon A Bite”at the 24th Shanghai TV Festival yesterday.


The food culture- themed production is the latest work of renowned Chinese documentary filmmaker Chen Xiaoqing, known for "A Bite of China" and "Forest China."


"A good documentary filmmaker should take the audience’s tastes and feelings into account," Chen said. "He should tell a good story, make viewers believe in it and be attracted."


The heart-warming series "72 Hours─ China," the local version of NHK’s well-received documentary series "72 Hours," also made its debut on v.qq.com yesterday.


Officials said that around 70 percent of Tencent’s current documentary viewers are young people aged under 28 years.


Tencent official Wang Ying said documentary broadcasting platforms are rapidly extending their presence into online video websites.


"Viewers of documentaries on the Internet are usually offered many ways of interactivity," Wang said.


Tencent also announced it will create more Chinese documentaries covering a diversity of subjects in different styles.


It will also strengthen its cooperation with domestic TV stations and production companies to upload more highquality documentaries.


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Main topic discussed of latest work for documentary filmmaker in Tencent. (Pic by Tigong)




Ciwen Media introduces new series focused on cyber security

By Joyce Xu(Shanghai Daily)


Ciwen Media will debut next year a series about information security called "Dancing in the Storm," the company told a TV market event at the 24th Shanghai TV Festival.


The series, by veteran director Liu Xin, will star Hong Kong actors William Chan and Simon Yam and mainland actresses Gulnazar and Jiang Wenli.


It is one of the few attempts by domestic filmmakers to tackle the subject of the battles between modern hightech businesses and cyber security.


The series' actions scenes will be designed by veteran fight choreographers involved in the military movie "Operation Red Sea."


Ciwen Media president Ma Zhongjun said, the series would feature China’s progress in science and technology and its rising international influence and status.


The company is credited with many acclaimed productions, including fantasy series "The Journey of Flower" and tomb- raiding thriller "The Mystic Nine."


Its Chinese costume spy drama "Princess Agents" was hailed last year by a large number of foreign viewers on YouTube, making it one of the hottest Chinese TV productions shown in Western countries.


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The still of "Dancing in the Storm." (Pic by Tigong)



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