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Belt & Road initiative encourages global content exchanges

By Liza Li(Shanghai Daily)


The 24th Shanghai TV Festival has launched the Belt and Road Pavilion for the first time this year, inviting TV institutions from home and abroad to promote TV content and cultural exchange.


As part of the International Film and TV Market sector, the Belt and Road Pavilion will host international TV program presentations and global buyers meetings. It will also provide a diverse range of flexible, interactive content platforms for TV institutions from different countries to do cultural exchange and cooperation.


Five presentations were hosted yesterday at Shanghai Exhibition Center, six will take place throughout today and three more will be organized tomorrow.


Companies from home and abroad presented their business profile, latest products and overseas promotions.


Fiona Liu from Inlook Media introduced the company’s history, products and strategies.


Inlook Media invests strongly each year to make excellent films and television works,  such as “The Legend ofJade Sword”, “Prenuptial Agreement” and “Too Goodto be Married”. The latter is its latest contemporary urban TV drama and is slated for broadcast this year.


The company also exports domestic TV series to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and North America.


“In recent years, Inlook Media has increased efforts to respond to the call of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) by implementing the ‘going out’ strategy of Chinese culture, expanding its influence and increasing exports,”Liu said.


The Shanghai New Culture Media Group brought promising TV series productions to the pavilion, such as costume dramas“XuanYuan Sword”and“Chinese Paladin 4”and urban dramas“Sweet Love”and“Dear Designer.”


“We should always think calmly and operate passionately, fully understanding the advantages and disadvantages of TV development and adjust strategies in a timely manner, so drama development is the best in the world,”said Jiang Hanqiao from Shanghai New Culture Media Group.


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Huace Media Group presenter Tian Tao gave a presentation about their latest TV series "Entrepreneurial Age." (Pic by CFP)




Expert say future looks bright for documentary production

By Joyce Xu(Shanghai Daily)


China’s documentary industry is growing steadily with a diverse range of broadcasting platforms and increasing appeal to younger audiences, industry professionals told a TV forum at the 24th Shanghai TV Festival.


The forum, titled “New Documentary Ecologies: Production, Distribution and Reception,” attracted British documentary producer Nick Fraser, documentary category jury president for the festival’s Magnolia Awards. Also attending were Chinese documentary film maker Peng Hui, Japanese documentary director Tetsuaki Matsue, and director of Youku's Documentary Center Li Bing.


In recent years, a few acclaimed home- grown documentaries covering varied subjects have attracted many young viewers on video- sharing websites. Among the popular productions have been“The Tale of Chinese Medicine”and“Masters in Forbidden City.”


These productions have also received high audience ratings and aroused heated discussion among Netizens on the film and TV review website Douban.


Nick Fraser believes there are bright prospects ahead for Chinese documentary production.


“China has so many impressive stories to tell,”Fraser said.“The whole society is changing year by year.”


Award- winning Chinese documentary filmmaker Peng Hui usually focuses his lens on people who live strongly and tenaciously in adversity. He has portrayed the lives of a poor farmer’s family and a group of vigilante rangers in Kekexili.


“In addition to documenting magnificent subjects and events, documentaries should tell real- life stories of ordinary people,”Peng said.


In terms of the huge market potential for Chinese documentaries, Li Bing, director of the Youku's Documentary Center, said the company will provide more support for production and broadcasting of original Chinese products.


Industry insiders also anticipated that documentaries will introduce more cutting- edge technology and innovative cinematography to cater for the tastes of young people.


Japanese documentary filmmaker Tetsuaki Matsue said he attaches much importance to how to shoot a documentary. He has made attempts to shoot 3D documentaries and include crossover elements.


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Documentary directors, from China, UK, and Japan, shared their views of future looks for documentary production. (Pic by CFP)




Variety shows aim to depict best of Chinese culture, forum told

By Liza Li(Shanghai Daily)


Cultural aspiration and confidence are now the key words in producing original Chinese variety shows.


A panel of TV producers and directors joined the Magnolia TV Forum yesterday to share insights on creating outstanding variety shows that are deeply rooted in Chinese culture.


Tian Mei, chief director of“Everlasting Classics,”noted that history has yielded a tremendous amount of cultural treasures and it’s necessary to discover them again.


“The program’s goal is to present ancient cultural heritage in a new and innovative way to attract more younger generation viewers and to share the classics once more in modern times,”said Tian.


An example of the show was a segment on 83- yearold Chinese composer Gu Jianfen who has created over 1,000 widely loved songs during her career. When Gu was 70 years old, she decided to compose 50 songs for children.


But when she was writing the 49th song, her husband and daughter passed away within a year. The tragedies devastated the composer, but she recovered and finished the 50th song.


“Her tenacity and generosity depicted in the story are what we wanted to share with audiences. Her actions also told us the meaning of staying true to values,”said Tian.


Beijing Television Station has produced a series of culturally inspired variety shows in recent years, including “ I am Speaker,”“The Inheritor”and“Archives.”


Ma Hong, chief supervisor of Beijing Television Satellite Channel, said culture was the highest level of entertainment and the confidence of television also represents confidence in the culture.


“What we reject is not entertainment, but vulgar values," Ma said. "If we look at traditional Chinese culture, from poetry to opera, there are fundamental forms of entertainment for the public.


“In addition to spreading the beauty and values of Chinese culture, these programs must offer the highest level of audio and visual enjoyment to appeal to audiences,”he added.


DragonTV’s project“We Are In Action”adopts an innovative format to address the theme of targeted poverty alleviation in a new, engaging way.


“There an element of suspense in the program format," said Li Yi, managing director of DragonTV, SMG. "The celebrities work with excellent entrepreneurs and experts to complete tasks and the stories about people are very touching,”


Zhejiang Satellite TV's large- scale outdoor variety show“Keep Running”has taken an innovative turn in content production. It highlights Chinese culture and values throughout the journey, like the "feather for sugar" featured in an episode showcasing unique economic innovation in an era of material shortage.


“Cultural confidence is actually a demonstration of cultural self- improvement and it’s our duty to demonstrate Chinese values to the world,”said Yao Yitian, assistant director of programming for Zhejiang Satellite TV.


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A panel of TV producers and directors joined the forum.(Pic by CFP)




Exhibition celebrates 60th year of Chinese TV dramas

By Joyce Xu(Shanghai Daily)


With this year marking the 60th anniversary of Chinese TV dramas, a retrospective exhibition of the industry's achievements opened yesterday (June 12) at Shanghai Exhibition Center.


The exhibition will last through to June 14. Photos and videos are displayed to provide an insight into the progress of the domestic TV industry over the passing decades.


A new set of books which chronicles the development of Chinese TV dramas was also released.


The books, published in six volumes, also offer academic analysis of trends and achievements.


Well- known actress Xi Meijuan said TV drama was an important genre to depict and address real- life issues and reflect social changes.


Famous scriptwriter Wang Liping said she will concentrate on observing Chinese life by writing to create more high-quality scripts.


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The scene of 60th year of Chinese TV dramas theme exhibition. (Pic by CFP)



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