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The Only Extraterrestrial Killer Rivaling Alien is Returning | PREDATOR Series Starring SCHWARZENEGG


  The almighty machine killer in the TERMINATOR series, the covert operative executing life-threatening tasks in TRUE LIES… Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER has created an array of tough heroes on the screen.

  Thanks to the 1987 PREDATOR in which SCHWARZENEGGER fights bravely with the Predator and finally wins, his image of a tough guy is more deeply rooted among the audience.

  At the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival, we will be fortunate to see the co-release of PREDATOR, PREDATOR 2, PREDATORS, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR and ALIENS VS. PREDATOR: REQUIEM, for the very first time in Mainland China. Widely-beloved extraterrestrial killers wrapped in thrilling stories are coming to bring you a cool summer!
  Since the late 1970s or early 1980s, with the rapid development of visual effects technology, Hollywood welcomed an unprecedented boom of sci-fi movies, which continued till the 1990s. As a number of blockbusters such as STAR WARS, E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL, JURASSIC PARK, ROBOCOP, BACK TO THE FUTURE, THE TERMINATOR and ALIEN were released one after another, a science fiction storm swept the entire world.

  For many audience, these films are also the sci-fi enlightenment in their teenage years.

  Among them, there is a film series having incorporated alien, action, Special Forces, survival in the wild, and other popular elements. It conquered a large number of fans by creating a ruthless hunter who is still adored today. That is the series of PREDATOR.



  PREDATOR is hailed “one of the best science fiction movies of the 1980s”, as well as a representative of action sci-fi. The film has created two classic characters – the Tough Guy Arnold and the Predator. In the 30 years since its release, the games, comics and other products launched by the franchise have been maintaining high popularity. In particular, the fishnet costume in the film is later frequently reproduced in various forms.

  Afterwards, Fox Film successively produced two sequels of PREDATOR and two ALIEN VS. PREDATOR films.

  Now, since some young fans have a preference for bizarre or horrifying films, to travel through time and space and see what the most brutal and bloodthirsty screen killer of the 1980s and 1990s is like might be a good choice! This is also the first time for the five works to be simultaneously released in Mainland China, a rare opportunity not to be missed!



  In addition, the latest installment of PREDATOR series is expected to be released in September this year. The film is directed by Shane BLACK, starring Boyd HOLBROOK and Olivia MUNN. It is reported that the connection between the director and PREDATOR can be dated back to 1987, when the first installment was produced. At that time, he played a supporting role in the film and participated in the rewriting of the script, but didn’t put on his name.






Release year: 1987

Directed by: John MCTIERNAN




  The film was released in 1987. As it starred the muscle man Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER, PREDATOR was translated into “Iron & Blood Warrior” (literally) in Chinese.

  In the story, SCHWARZENEGGER leads his Special Forces team to fight with the predator in the Amazon jungle. You know at that time, the box office hits in the Hollywood were those jungle action movies such as FIRST BLOOD and PLATOON. For PREDATOR, it was also added a sci-fi alien killer. Such wonderful combination caused huge sensation among American audience.

  PREDATOR finally grossed USD 50 million, and pushed SCHWARZENEGGER to a higher position in the Hollywood, allowing the “muscle man”, “tough guy” to become the hero pursued by countless fans.




  As the rescue team led by Dutch is performing task in the jungle, they vaguely feel that there is a stalker peeking at them, waiting for something. When they proceed, a mysterious creature suddenly appears. The rescue team members are brutally murdered one after another. In desperation, Dutch decides to fight with the killing monster – the predator.

  After rounds of struggle, the rescue team only has Dutch left. With unparalleled courage and wits, he finally defeats the enemy. At the time of dying, the predator activates a self-destruct device. Fortunately, Dutch manages to escape and leaves the jungle by helicopter.





Release year: 1990

Directed by: Stephen HOPKINS

Starring: Danny GLOVER/ Gary BUSEY/ Kevin Peter HALL/ Ruben BLADES/ María Conchita ALONSO



  In the sequel, the cruel extraterrestrial killer comes to the earth for a game of hunting. The homicides, one after another, cast a mystique breath on the film. As the villain in the film, the predator becomes a thrilling existence for its power and the brutal and cold-blooded character. The splendid interpretation of the performers has also rendered the work another meaning – to overcome the deepest fear in human mind.




  As the gang members in Los Angeles are brutally murdered one after another, the police believes a turf war between two drug cartels begins again. Agent Michael is sent to investigate the incident. Unexpectedly, he almost gets killed in the first task. It turns out that the murderers are a group of extraterrestrial hunters with infrared vision that use active camouflage and have been hunting humans for sport.

  The case also draws the attention of FBI. They dispatches a special operations team to capture these monsters alive for research. However, to Michael, he only thinks about destroying monsters to take revenge for the victims...





Release year: 2010

Directed by: Nimród ANTAL

Starring: Adrien BRODY/ Topher GRACE/ Danny TREJO



  In the first two films, the predators look quite scary. They have insect-like mouthparts, in metal helmets and armors, fight with spears and samurai swords, and good at bare-hand combats. But with a strong sense of honor, they like one-on-one fair duel, and once defeated, they will kill themselves, a rather chivalrous spirit. In the PREDATORS, what are the changes to their look?




  The protagonist is a mercenary called Royce. He is kidnapped by predators to another planet. He joins forces with the other seven Earthmen to fight the enemies. At this time, they realize that they are abandoned on the planet just to be preys for the predators. The reason for them to be here is to be hunted and killed in the game.





Release year: 2004

Directed by: Paul W. S. ANDERSON

Starring: Sanaa LATHAN/ Raoul BOVA/ Lance HENRIKSEN/ Ewen BREMNER/ Colin SALMON



  Alien and Predator, the two equally acclaimed characters are both created by the master of special make-up effects Stan WINSTON. When they became household names, the fans started to discuss about which side was more powerful. The series of ALIEN VS. PREDATOR was therefore born. In this film, what are the chemical effects generated by the cross-border cooperation between the two “popular monsters”?




  In 2004, PS-12, designed to search for mineral deposits, detects a mysterious heat bloom in Antarctica, and discovers that there are remains of unknown civilizations. In order to find out the truth before others, Charles Bishop Weyland, owner of PS-12, assembles a team of experts to investigate. They advance toward the island of Bouvetøya, where mankind has never set foot.

  The expedition goes to an underground cave of 2,000 meters deep, stunned by the ruins blended with various civilizations. What’s more unexpected, the Predators from another planet are also arriving. They will have a fated fight with the Aliens buried here, and the weak human expedition is forced to be engaged in the disaster...





Release year: 2007

Directed by: Colin STRAUSE, Greg STRAUSE

Starring: Steven PASQUALE/ Reiko AYLESWORTH/ Johnny LEWIS/ Kristen HAGER



  A cold-blooded yet emotional killer, plus a set of cool weaponry, the Predator has become one of the most popular “alien killers” in the history of the film. What will the fighting will be like when “he” meets the same terrifying and cruel Alien?




  Following the events of the previous film, a Predator ship leaves Earth carrying the body of Scar, the Predator that defeated the Alien Queen. A chestburster with traits of both species erupts from Scar's body. It quickly matures into an adult Predalien, the ultimate Alien that even the Predator can't rival. A cruel killing takes place on the ship, eventually crashing the craft in the mountains of Colorado.

  The Predalien escapes, implanting embryos into the residents in Gunnison. The originally quiet and peaceful town instantly becomes a horrible hell. At the same time, a Predator staying on the earth receives a signal sent by his companion before being killed by Predalien. He decides to fight with the devilish enemy to the end...




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