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Raising International Power, Driving Benchmarking Development — SIFF Appointed Member of FIAPF Festi


   While taking the initiative to build up the brand of “Shanghai Culture” and striving to consolidate its international status, the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) was recently designated by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) as one of the first members of its newly established Festivals Committee. FU Wenxia, Managing Director of Shanghai International Film & TV Festival Center who attended the first meeting of the Committee during the Cannes Film Festival, said after returning to Shanghai today that the steady development of Chinese cinema and the expanding influence of SIFF are arousing more and more attention in the global film circle.

  FIAPF is a regulator and accreditor of international film festivals, and the newly-founded Festivals Committee is to promote the development of film festivals in various countries in a more orderly manner; and to coordinate between festivals and film industries in a more effective manner. The Committee holds a member meeting once a year to gradually perfect the FIAPF’ International Film Festivals’ Regulations by studying the work matters of the year. It is also entitled to designate professional working groups to review specific issues and to study certain international film festivals of common interest.



  The initial members of the FIAPF Festivals Committee are 10 accredited film festivals of different categories and 3 industry bodies. Among them, the two film festivals directly designated by FIAPF are Shanghai International Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival; the rest eight that have been elected are Toronto International Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, Kyiv International Film Festival; 3 designated industry representative agencies are the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (Argentine), the Festival Agency (France/USA), and the Motion Picture Association of America.

  On May 14, Fu Wenxia attended the first meeting of the Committee in Cannes. According to her, at the meeting, under the auspices of Luis, President of FIAPF and Chairman of the Festivals Committee, the delegates exchanged their ideas concerning the relationship between festivals and filmmakers and between festivals themselves, how to allow films the access to the best distribution on the market, how to ensure that the Regulations could balance the interests of all parties, and other issues. On the occasion, she also made an introduction to SIFF and welcomed delegates from all countries to participate in the upcoming 21st Shanghai International Film Festival.

  As Shanghai International Film Festival is now devoted to implementing the three-year action plan for the “Shanghai Culture” branding and uplifting its overall influence to top three among all Category A film festivals, the appointment by FIAPF as one of the initial members of the Festivals Committee will have a promotional effect on SIFF’s benchmarking with world-class film festivals, and further enhance its right to speak in professional organizations all over the globe.


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