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Shanghai International Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival to start new cooperation


Following the opening of the Cannes Film Festival on May 8, the Marché du Film opening night was held this morning Beijing time. Unlike previous editions, this year’s opening night was co-hosted by the Shanghai International Film Festival. The Festival’s President Pierre Lescure, General Delegate Thierry Frémaux, Executive Director of the Marché du Film Jérôme Paillard, Shanghai International Film Festival Organizing Committee Executive Deputy Secretary General Fu Wenxia and more than 1,500 guests from all over the world attended the opening night to witness the first cooperation between the two major film festivals. 


Fu Wenxia and Executive Director of the Marché du Film Jérôme Paillard


With the SIFF being the co-host of the Marché du Film, Fu Wenxia took the opportunity at the opening ceremony of this huge platform to address more than 1,500 guests from all over the world about Shanghai’s efforts to promote the “Shanghai Culture” brand, accelerate making Shanghai a cultural cosmopolis and follow the “50 Pieces of Advice on the Development of Shanghai’s Cultural and Creative Industry" and build a global film and television production center, as well as how the upcoming 21st Shanghai International Film Festival is going. At the opening ceremony, a promotional video of the Shanghai International Film Festival was also played. During the opening night, Fu Wenxia and other Shanghai International Film Festival executives discussed with the Cannes Film Festival team plans for deepening market cooperation between the two festivals in an effort to present more new Chinese films to Europe and further expand the influence of Chinese films. The Cannes Film Festival team said they were very much looking forward to new cooperation in the future and President of the Festival Pierre Lescure promised Fu Wenxia to go to Shanghai for further discussion about the cooperation. He punched fists with the SIFF executives in delight and said, "It's a deal."


Fu Wenxia and General Delegate Thierry Frémaux


On May 9 local time, the “New Wave Chinese Film Forum: How Filmmakers Portray China to the World” co-hosted by the Shanghai International Film Festival and Sina Weibo was held during the Cannes Film Festival. This was the first time the Shanghai International Film Festival held a film forum in Cannes. One of the fifth generation of Chinese directors Huo Jianqi, director of the Warsaw Film Festival Stefan Laudyn, director of International Film Sales and Purchasing of Asia Shadows Maria Ruggieri, and actress Celina Jade talked about such topics as “modern Chinese films going global”, “the changing times and the future of Chinese movies”, “the development of co-productions”, and “women's movies”. Actress Liang Jing, actor Wu Jianfei, and hostess Li Xia also participated as guests.

Fu Wenxia, executive deputy secretary general of the Shanghai International Film Festival Organizing Committee, delivered a speech during the forum, sharing with the attending Chinese and foreign guests the development of the festival over its past 20 editions. She said: “Stepping into the new era, the Shanghai International Film Festival is enhancing its brand identity and innovative development for the prosperity of the Chinese cinema and the 'Shanghai Culture' brand. She introduced the preparations for this year’s festival. Last year, the festival received 2,528 submissions from 106 countries and regions. This year, 3,447 submissions from 108 countries and regions have been received, a considerable increase from last year. At present, the selection of nominees for the Golden Goblet Awards and the Asian New Talent Awards and films for screening is in full swing with more than 500 Chinese and foreign films planned to be screened during the festival.


 the New Wave Chinese Film Forum


All preparations for this year's Shanghai International Film Festival are being carried out systematically. Committed to creating a platform for film and cultural exchange between China and other countries, SIFFORUM this year will continue to focus on Chinese films to bring the most cutting-edge industry developments to Chinese and foreign filmmakers. Based on professionalism, internationalism, and popularity, the principles of selection, Film Panorama strives to present representative quality works to audiences. The festival will also launch a series of special events and innovative activities in addition to existing main sections. This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up and on this occasion, the Shanghai International Film Festival will hold the “Everlasting Screen – 40 Years of Reform and Opening-Up Film Poster Exhibition” and the “40 Years of Light and Shadow” special screening section; it will, based on past cooperation and exchange with counterparts of the “Belt and Road” initiative partners, introduce a new The Belt and Road Movie Week in a more open and inclusive manner; the Film Market, which has always been much of a focal point for film organizations of the countries, will establish a special section for co-productions. The 21st Shanghai International Film Festival will be held from June 16 to 25. Fu Wenxia invited in her speech international filmmakers and excellent films to the festival to jointly witness and create a bright future for the film industry.


(From left to right)Huo Jianqi、Maria Ruggieri、Celina Jade、Stefan Laudyn


The “New Wave Chinese Film Forum: How Filmmakers Portray China to the World” was attended by the Cannes Film Festival executives, well-known Chinese and European directors and producers, and Chinese and foreign film buyers. During the lively forum, the guests shared their opinions. Maria said that international buyers prefer Chinese films with more auteurism; Stefan emphasized that it’s very weird that Chinese filmmakers want to make American-style movies, and that they should instead try to tell Chinese stories; Huo Jianqi recalled the story between the fifth generation, or the "Renaissance" generation as he called it, of Chinese directors and international film festivals. Actress Celina Jade was optimistic about the future development of Chinese cinema. She believed that film performance should give more depth to a character’s human nature. As an actress, she also emphasized that it requires joint efforts of film professionals and the audience to promote the status of feminine movies and women filmmakers.




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