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Tribute To Masters | 2K Restored NURSY’S DIARY Offers Free Screening


Last year, on the stage of the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival, the silver-haired WANG Danfeng sat in a wheelchair and took over the Golden Goblet Trophy of Lifetime Achievement from XI Meijuan and Ann HUI. The smiley face of our “Little Swallow” lingers in the hearts of audience.


Opening Ceremony of the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival 

WANG Danfeng taking over the trophy of Lifetime Achievement


This year, for the Tribute to Masters Program at the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival, the 2K restoration version of WANG Danfeng's NURSY’S DIARY will be screened for free. On the big screen, Shanghai viewers will be able to recollect the vibrancy and beauty of the 33-year-old WANG Danfeng. Though now she has passed away, the cinema art and restoration technology allow the “Little Swallow” to travel through time, and show up in front of us in rejuvenated look.




“Several days ago, I was still thinking of going to the hospital to see Ms. WANG Danfeng. Her daughter told me that she was in good shape, but had difficulty in moving.” On the phone, as the founder of New iPicture and film producer TANG Lijun recalled, she cannot stop sobbing out. Since last year, New iPicture has joined forces with iQiyi to work on the restoration of Chinese classic films. According to Tang, the institution has purchased 7 to 8 film copies from all over the world, which are mainly Chinese old movies and works by old artists. Among them, there is WANG Danfeng’s NURSY’S DIARY.




As we all know, the main component of the earliest film was nitrocellulose, commonly known as “nitrate film base”. Its composition is similar to gun cotton, which is extremely flammable. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to preserve the copies of old films that are scattered among the people, for different film copies requires varied combination of temperature and humidity, as well as different storage conditions. “The longer a copy is left unattended, the harder it is to repair it.”




Fortunately, NURSY’S DIARY, starred by WANG Dangfeng, has completed 2K restoration in Italy. In memory of the recently departed film artist, the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival to be held in this June will present a free panorama of the 2K restored film in the program Tribute to Masters. By then, the audience will meet the old artist and hear the nostalgic Little Swallow once again.




Release year: 1957

Directed by: TAO Jin

Starring: WANG Danfeng/ TANG Huada/ LI Wei/ HUANG Wansu



The nursing school student Jian Suhua (Wang Danfeng), disregarding the objection of her lover Shen Haoru (Li Wei), volunteers to go to a medical station of a construction site in the Chinese Northeastern region upon graduation. However, in the medical station, the chief Mo Jiabin (Fu Botang) and the nurse Gu Huiying (Jiang Tianliu) are having a romantic relationship, thus neglecting their work. The workers there have a lot of complaints. When Jian arrives, Mo Jiabin does a lot of things to please her, which causes Gu Huiying’s misunderstandings.

Enduring much pain and displeasure, Jian is still devoted wholeheartedly to her work, which wins the acclaim of workers, as well as the heart of the director of the site, Gao Changping (Tang Huada). But Shen Haoru suddenly comes to the construction site, intending to take Jian back to Shanghai and marry her. But the two break up in discord. After the construction finishes, Gao Changping takes his team to a new construction site. Before departure, he invites Jian to join him. The two finally decide to serve the hardest and most in need regions together.





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