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21st SIFF PROJECT Jury Panel



XU Zheng

Director, Producer, Actor


As an actor, XU Zheng has abundant theatre performing experience. He was awarded Magnolia Awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Golden Lion Awards of Chinese Theatre for Outstanding Actor. His performance in TV series Sunny Piggy (2000) and Official Li Wei (2004-2010) made him a well-known actor. In recent years, he brought some of his best works, including Leste CHEN’s The Great Hypnotist (2014) and NING Hao’s No Man’s Land (2013), to the audience. 

XU directed Lost in Thailand (2012) and Lost in Hong Kong (2015) that launched “Lost (Jiong)” series. Both films set the record of the highest box office gross in Chinese film history. He was also awarded Huabiao Film Awards for Outstanding Young Director.

Since 2015, XU has become the ambassador of Asian New Talent Award for Shanghai IFF. In support of emerging directors, XU produced Song Haolin’s Mr. Zhu’s Summer (2017), Ren Pengyuan’s Two Steps from Heaven (2018), and co-produced Wen Muye’s Dying to Survive (2018).

XU also devotes himself to philanthropy. He established “New Sunshine Charity Foundation” and participates in various charity events. He was awarded the Celebrity Charity Awards.


LIAO Ching-Sung

Editor, Producer


Since 1973, LIAO Ching-Sung has edited nearly 100 films. Since 1980s, he worked closely with directors from Taiwan such as Hsiao-hsien HOU, Edward YANG and Ren JEN. Together, they created some well-known films at the time, such as The Sandwich Man (1983), Terrorizers (1986), Dust in the Wind (1986). He was named “the nanny of New Taiwanese Cinema”. 

Films he edited include Venice Golden Lion winner A City of Sadness (1989), Berlin Silver Bear winner Betelnut Beauty (2001) and Cannes Best Director winner The Assassin (2015). 

Since Flowers of Shanghai in 1999, Liao started his career as a producer and helped a lot of young directors making their films. In 2002, he won Golden Horse Best Taiwanese Filmmaker. He produced Ren JEN’s Dana Sakura (2003), Hsiao-hsien HOU’s Three Times (2005) and Flight of the Red Balloon (2007), etc. In recent years, he keeps trying different styles and genres in editing, such as comedy Mr. Donkey (2016), drama Mr. No Problem (2016), documentary Twenty Two (2015), etc. 


Jojo HUI

Producer, Screenwriter


Since Jojo HUI began her film career at United Filmmakers Organization in the 90s, HUI has been working closely with famous film director and producer Peter CHAN on many well-known films, including Alan And Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye (1991), He’s a Woman, She’s a Man (1994) and the internationally acclaimed Comrades: Almost a Love Story (1996). She subsequently joined Applause Pictures co-founded by CHAN and they produced numerous high-quality pan-Asian films together. In 2005, HUI and CHAN started making films in mainland China and co-produced a number of award-winning box-office hits, including Perhaps Love (2005), The Warlords (2007), and American Dreams in China (2013). 

In recent years, she has been working with a new generation of directors and supporting them producing their films such as Derek TSANG’s Soul Mate (2016) and Derek HUI’s This Is Not What I Expected (2017).

As a screenwriter, HUI received Best Screenplay nominations for her original screenplays 3 Extremes II and The Warlords at the 22th and 27th Hong Kong Film Awards.




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