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Since its launch in 2004, the program has been dedicated to providing valuable opportunities for rising filmmakers and film works to display themselves on the international stage. Thanks to the Asian New Talent Award, a new force of prominent directors in Asia has been discovered and supported.Previous Jury Presidents for the Asian New Talent Award are Japanese director Shunji IWAI, Chinese directors LU Chuan, Tung-shing YEE, WANG Xiaoshuai, etc.




NOMINATION GALA: In order to pay highest compliments to new film talents, Nomination Gala is specially set up, where all the nominees will be granted nomination certificates. 

Date:June 21, 2018


AWARDING CEREMONY: Red carpet, story sharing and award presentation compose the ceremony. Established filmmakers share their film dreams and stories to inspire young filmmakers. 

Date:June 22, 2018


Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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