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Jiang Wen Chairs Jury for 21st SIFF Golden Goblet Awards


The Organization Committee of Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) announced today that the celebrated Chinese actor & director JIANG Wen, known for his superior works including HIBISCUS TOWN, A WOMAN FOR TWO, RED SORGHUM, IN THE HEAT OF THE SUN AND GONE WITH THE BULLETS, will be the Jury President for the 21st SIFF Golden Goblet Awards.

This year, the SIFF is scheduled to take place during June 16 - 25.



As the only non-specialized competitive international film festival in China recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations, Shanghai International Film Festival has been building a professional, international and beneficial cultural exchange platform for both foreign and domestic films, by adhering to the motif of “Focusing on Asia, Promoting Chinese Films and Supporting New Talents”. Each year, it attracts a large number of outstanding filmmakers from home and abroad, with the Golden Goblet Awards deemed as a prestigious professional award across the globe.

In recent years, an array of renowned film artists have chaired the Jury for SIFF, including Luc BESSON, CHEN Kaige, WONG Karwai, Danny BOYLE, John WOO, Jean-Jacques ARNAUD, Tom HOOPER, GONG Li, Andrei ZVYAGINTSEV, Emir CUSTURICA and Cristian MUNGIU.

This time, JIANG Wen honorably takes the helm, as another Chinese filmmaker to preside over the main competition unit of SIFF following GONG LI, the Jury President at the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival in 2014.



JIANG Wen graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in China in 1984. Two years later, he was casted by the director XIE Jin to star in the film HIBISCUS TOWN as the leading character QIN Shutian. For his excellent performance, he won the 10th Hundred Flowers Awards for Best Actor. The film was also awarded the Crystal Globe at the 26th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.



In 1987, Jiang performed “My Grandpa”, a blunt and wild bearer, in ZHANG Yimou's debut film RED SORGHUM. The film grasped the Golden Bear Award at the 38th Berlin International Film Festival, the first time for Chinese filmmakers to win the highest honor at the top 3 film festivals in Europe. 





In 1988, Jiang starred in LING Zifeng's work A WOMAN FOR TWO, for which he won the 12th Popular Film Awards for Best Actor.

Later, Jiang also participated in the production of THE EMPEROR'S SHADOW, KEEP COOL, THE MISSING GUN, LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN and other movies, and starred in the widely-known TV drama A NATIVE OF BEIJING IN NEW YORK.




Jiang's directing career began in 1993 with IN THE HEAT OF THE SUN, which was awarded the Best Feature Film, Best Director and Best Leading Actor, among others, at the 33rd Golden Horse Film Festival; the leading actor XIA Yu was crowned Best Actor at the 51st Venice Film Festival. In 1995, IN THE HEAT OF THE SUN ranked first among the top ten best films of the year selected by the Time.

The following works THE SUN ALSO RISES and GONE WITH THE BULLETS were also directed and performed by himself.




Jiang’s latest work HIDDEN MAN is about to finish.




From actor to director and screenwriter, JIANG Wen has sophisticatedly showed his ability to control different subjects and roles. In the eye of Chinese moviegoers and film practitioners, his name has long become a label for “showmanship” and “refinement”.

JIANG Wen is also an old friend of SIFF. At the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival in 2014, a retrospective exhibition of Jiang Wen's works was specially organized, where his signature creations such as IN THE HEAT OF THE SUN and THE SUN ALSO RISES were screened.

At the Opening Ceremony of the festival that year, the Organizing Committee granted JIANG Wen the Award of Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Cinema in recognition of his continuous innovation and extraordinary achievements in film art. The Award was established by SIFF as an approach to honor the filmmakers who have made great contributions to the promotion of Chinese films to the entire world, with previous winners including Ang LEE, ZHANG Yimou, CHEN Kaige, FENG Xiaogang, John WOO, Jackie CHAN, CHOW Yun Fat, Maggie CHEUNG, and ZHANG Ziyi.




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