2018-03-15 16:14:20[UPDATES]

21st Shanghai International Film Festival Releases Official Poster


The 21st Shanghai International Film Festival releases its official poster today. On the poster, the Golden Goblet, which is quite familiar to the audience, still dominates the entire visual design, with dazzling red and blue tones matching with the trendy contrasting effect. Smooth lines are like flowing light and shadow, symbolizing the brilliant events and exquisite masterpieces to be presented at SIFF. The poster features a clear and distinct style, sending forth an elegant and dignified aura, a perfect token of SIFF’s profound cultural heritage.

For the new edition, the Shanghai International Film Festival has called for poster submissions from the society. Since last November when the invitation was sent out, many people have enthusiastically participated in the creation. During a short time, we received nearly a hundred submissions contributed by dozens of citizens, which fully demonstrates the love and support of the public for SIFF. Here, we’d like to extend our gratitude to all of you!

In the end, the candidate that stood out among others was a poster that presents the signature image of Golden Goblet in the form of oil painting, and rolls out the theme of “Film City, Fascinating Life” with thick and eye-catching strokes. With both the motif of “Focusing on Asia, Promoting Chinese Films and Supporting New Talents”, and the features of professionalism, internationalism and benefaction to people embodied in the poster, SIFF declares its high-spirited ambition to forge ahead in the new era and from a new starting point. The vigorous red is the dominant hue of Shanghai International Film Festival, as a symbol of joyous celebration to invite film lovers and viewers to celebrate the cultural festival together in Shanghai; the blue in the background indicates the infinite possibilities waiting for SIFF, which inspires itself to keep innovating, so as to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation for global filmmakers, to expand the growth space for rising stars, and to do its utmost for the new development of the Chinese film industry and the construction of Shanghai into a global film and television creation center.

The 21st Shanghai International Film Festival is scheduled to take place from June 16 to June 25. For the time being, production submissions are underway, so are other preparations and arrangements. The release of the official poster marks the beginning of countdown to the new edition of Shanghai International Film Festival.



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