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Movie about troubled Soviet writer vies for Golden Goblet award



Golden Goblet Award nominee movie "Kharms" cast members. Pic by CFP


By Jin Leyan and Joyce Xu


Golden Goblet Award nominee movie "Kharms," or “charming harms” as the film’s creators call it, depicts the life of an early Soviet absurdist writer and dramatist named Daniil Yuvachov, who called himself Kharms. 


The movie’s team, including producer and actors, spoke to the media about their fascinating subject after its release yesterday at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival.


Kharms lived in an era when the Soviet Union was preparing for WWII, a time in the 20th century when literature appeared to lose its value. 


The Lithuanian film set in old Leningrad depicts Kharms as an aloof man, detached from society and very fond of his own work, but never receiving any acclamation. 


Actress Aiste Dirziute stars as the writer's wife and told the media “the world knows the story of this amazing writer (Kharms), but this film shares so much more about his ladies, especially his wife, Marina.”


The film uses an interesting technique of mixing color and black-and-white scenes. Director Ivan Bolotnikov explained his purpose was to symbolize the narrative switches between  Kharms’ mind, reality and scenes from his work. 


“It is the same with the music we use,” Bolotnikov said. “It is all based on Kharms’ changes throughout the story.”


"Kharms" will immerse its audience into mid-20th century Soviet Union through the experiences of an author who was often referred to as "crazy" but who also respected the role of literature. 


It is a rich depiction of a life of delusion and includes director Bolotnikov's distinctive techniques and artistry. The ending will leave audiences guessing about Kharms’ ultimate faith and fate.



    Producer and actors, spoke to the media about their fascinating subject after its release yesterday. Pic by CFP





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