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Best new film talent celebrated as SIFF Project winners


Renowned actress Qin Hailu won the Wanda Film Award for her directorial debut project. Pic by CFP


By Liza Li


The project “Summer Killed By Me” won the award for Best Talent Project last night at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival's SIFF Project award ceremony.


Created by director Zhou Houheng and producer Li Jing, it tells the story of a teenage girl’s unwitting actions that destroyed a family.


“The Song of Woman,” by director Xu Zhanxiong and producer Teng Jingshu, won the Most Creative Project award.


Renowned actress Qin Hailu won the Wanda Film Award for her directorial debut project, “Go It Alone,” produced by Chen Lizhi. It tells the story of an ordinary man named Wan Yi who works at a noodle restaurant and, after years of audition failures, embarks on a crazy journey full of surprises. 


The SIFF Project has proven to be the key to success for 11 years, especially for emerging filmmakers and films with great potential. It is dedicated to diversifying the film market with more projects that offer insight into society and reality.


This year, a total of 380 projects from 21 countries and regions were submitted; 30 projects from six countries received nominations. Projects by veteran filmmakers, actors and emerging directors were featured.


Six of the nominated projects were selected for the SIFF Project Lab, a new section of SIFF Project that aims to provide practical training for young aspirants in all aspects of filmmaking. 


This year’s trainers include producer Jessica Chen, director and cinematographer Lu Sheng, producer Shawn Pan and producer and festival programmer Raymond Phathanavirangoon.


Six projects selected to join SIFF Project Lab:


Lost in Promise

Country/Region: China

Director/Scriptwriter: Chris Dong

Executive Producer: Gong Lin


Snow in Hong Kong 

Country/Region: Hong Kong China

Director: Yang Yufei

Scriptwriters: Zhong Qiu, Yang Yufei, Wu Boping

Producers: Zhao Tengfei, Du Ning


Winter Pasture

Country/Region: China

Director/Scriptwriter: Song Kunru 

Producer: Huang Wei


Vanished Girls

Country/Region: China

Director/Scriptwriter: Long Lingyun 

Producer: Liu Lei


The Examinee

Country/Region: China

Director/Scriptwriter: Wang Nianyi

Producers: Ge Hanzhi, Wang Zhen


On The Bus 

Country/Region: China

Director: Gu Yingling

Scriptwriters: Gu Yingling, Fan Chenyun

Producers:Hao Jie, Feng Bolong


New Talent Projects:


Gone Mad  

Country/Region: China

Director: Na Jiazuo

Producer: Sara Ding


The Way To Heaven

Country/Region: China

Director: Liu Teng

Producer: Wang Sheng


Man With A Secret

Country/Region: China

Director: Wen Shipei 

Producer: Wang Jing



Country/Region: China

Director: Zhao Long

Executive Producer: Yan Yunfei

Producer: Wen Yuxiang



Country/Region: China

Director: Wang Ziren

Producer: Cindy Mi Lin


Never Too Late 

Country/Region: China

Director: Liu Shuo 

Producer: Han Xiaoling


Summer Killed By Me 

Country/Region: China

Director: Zhou Houheng 

Producer: Li Jing



Country/Region: China

Director: Sara Sha 

Executive Producer: Yang Shupeng

Producer: Liu Yanzhi


The Girl From Shanghai 

Country/Region: China

Director: Wang Bo 

Executive Producer: Gu Zheng

Producer: Sheng Zhimin


Go It Alone

Country/Region: China

Director: Qin Hailu 

Producer: Chen Lizhi




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