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Nominee of Asian New Talent Award STONEHEAD Enters Panorama of TIFF


Yesterday, the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) unveiled its screening list. By virtue of the World Express program of Shanghai International Film Festival, the Chinese film STONEHEAD has been selected into the World Focus section of TIFF. The production was a nominee of the Asian New Talent Award at the 20th SIFF in 2017, directed by new director ZHAO Xiang and produced by LIU Jie (winner of Best Director of 13th SIFF Golden Goblet Awards and Best Film of 19th SIFF Golden Goblet Awards). On the 15th of this month, STONEHEAD was released in the SIFF Focus program at the Miskolc International Film Festival of Hungary through SIFF World Express, having attracted a number of internationalfilmmakers and Hungarian film fans.


Cast of STONEHEAD walks on the red carpet of Asian New Talent Award


STONEHEAD tells a story about the leftover child Shi Tou (Stonehead) receiving a new football, but then being isolated from his classmates and friends because of it. With its documentary-like gaze, the director depicts the moving and insightful tale of children left behind in rural China, and how their individual wishes come into conflict with obligations towards the community, hoping to draw people’s attention to this unattended group.


 Directed by: Zhao Xiang

Written by: Zhao Xiang/ Liu Dan

Starring by: Zhu Hongbo/ CaiJiakun

Genre: Drama


Shi Tou goes to the county with his principal to accept a letter of commendation, where he gets a new football by chance and brings it home. He turns over the ball reluctantly, which is then damage by his good friend Cai Bao. Others kids ask Cai Bao to pay for it; he gets upset and destroys the old ball too. So the kids plan to take revenge on Cai Bao; he questions Shi Tou: “Why is the new ball punctured?” Shi Tou denies pricking it by himself. The two friends therefore become estranged. Shi Tou is considering saving money to buy a new ball and make up his friendship with Cai Bao. He tries to find his father for money, but fails and winds up wandering in the county. Before transferring to another school, Cai Bao buys a new ball. Shi Tou confesses to the principal and other kids, yet is not blamed.

Reaching the cooperation with SIFF on the World Express program in 2015, the Tokyo International Film Festival is the first stop of SIFF World Express, aiming at jointly driving the rising force of film production in Asia. In the same year, as the nominee for both Best Film and Best Director of the 18th SIFF Asian New Talent Award, YOUNG LOVE LOST was recommended by SIFF and entered the Asian Future section of TIFF. In the following year, the winner of the 19th SIFF Asian New Talent Award NIRVANA embarked on the SIFF World Express and was included into the Asian Future section of 29th TIFF. In the future, the program will aspire to keep promoting Chinese films to more international film festivals.




Pic丨Poster of NIRVANA


The 30th Tokyo International Film Festival will take place from October 25 to November 3, 2017, during which time over 10 Chinese films will be showcased in various sections of the Festival. Besides STONEHEAD, HAVE A NICE DAY by LIU Jian and THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED by Derek HUI are also listed in the World Focus program; OLD BEAST, produced by Jury President of 20th SIFF Asian New Talent Award WANG Xiaoshuai, directed by ZHOU Ziyang and presented by Dongchun Films, SOUL INN by ZHENG YI and ALIFU, THE PRINCE/SS by WANG will be screened at the Asian Future section; directed by DONG Yue and starring by DUAN Yihong, JIANG Yiyan, the crime and suspense film THE STORM LOOMING will compete for the Tokyo Grand Prix as the only Chinese film entering the competition section of TIFF. The Chinese noted actress ZHAO Wei is the Member of the International Competition Jury this year.





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