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New policies boosting Shanghai's film development, Forum told


By Liza Li


The achievements of new policies to promote Shanghai film development were reported in a keynote speech to a forum at yesterday's Shanghai International Film festival. 


The policies were issued in 2016 to advance filmmaking and the movie market in Shanghai and included 26 city government initiatives covering all aspects from financial support to education.


Wu Xiaoming, art director of Shanghai Municipal Culture, Radio Broadcasting, Film and Television Administration, spoke at yesterday’s SIFFORUM on the results achieved.


In 2016, a total of 404 film projects were filed in Shanghai, 80 of which completed production and31 were released in cinemas, generating total box office of 520 million yuan. 


Shanghai attracted many excellent projects as well as directors and actors as a result of the introduction to market of film corporations, including Alibaba Pictures Group, Bona Film Group and iQiyi, as well as renowned distribution companies and various filmmaking workshops.


Art house films have also thrived in Shanghai since the new policies took effect. Various exhibitions, screenings and collaborative festivals have exhibited young filmmakers’ independent productions to much broader audiences.


Shanghai Art Film Federation has held 15 China Film Week screening events in 11 cities of nine countries as well as showing nearly 100 domestic art films regularly in China.


In 2016, Shanghai cinemas had a total box office of3.037 billion yuan, surpassing Beijing for the first time and taking the No. 1 ranking nationwide. Shanghai also ranked No.1 in the number of cinemas, its more than 280 theatres with 230,852seats presenting over 2.5 million screenings for 73millionpeople.


Yu Zhiqing, vice president and secretary general of Shanghai Broadcasting Film & Television Producers Association, introduced the forum to the comprehensive filmmaking services supporting Shanghai's movie industry.


The Shanghai Film and Television Production Service Agency was established in 2014 as the first in China to help all aspects of filmmaking in the city. 


From 2014 to 2017, the agency has assisted 641 film crews and processed 1,562 requests. The 16districts and 271 communities across Shanghai now have service facilities that are dedicated to helping with many aspects of film production.





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