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SIFF PROJECT | 2016 SIFF PROJECT MISSING JOHNNY Nominated at Busan International Film Festival




Recently, the 22nd Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) has officially announced that MISSING JOHNNYis nominated in its A Window on Asian Cinema section. In 2016, the young director HUANG Xi was included in the New Talent Project of SIFF PROJECT for MISSING JOHNNY, and one year later, he comes back with the film that has finished shooting and post-production. Produced by Hsiao-Hsien HOU, written and directed by HUANG Xi, and starred by Yu-Luen KO, Rima ZEIDAN and Yuan HUANG, the film stands out among others in terms of both production speed and quality, and even entered the competition of Asian New Talent Award of the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival.




The movies tells a story that a girl, who raises a black-headed parrot, often answers strange phone calls with the other end looking for Johnny. The director HUANG Xi tries to capture poetry in the daily life;with people wandering in the city and instant interconnecting and colliding between characters becoming her film language, she narrates the story of the city in it.




After reading through HUANG Xi’s screenplay, the producer of the film, as well as a renowned director himself, Hsiao-Hsien HOU made such comment: the profound approach used in MISSING JOHNNY to depict the modern family in Taipei is rarely seen in recent years. As for this debut, HUANG XI admitted that it has “gone beyond my imagination”. From her perspective, it is a work created by a group, for it has a strong team behind it, and every performer has done a surprisingly good job, “The effect achieved after the piling up of cinematography, sound and background music, is absolutely unimaginable”. To the rising director HUANG Xi, who has admired Hsiao-Hsien HOU for many years, her first featuremanages to combine the patience and calmness characterized by Hou’s Production and the distinctive poetry depiction from her innermost world.


Producer Hsiao-Hsien HOU and Director HUANG Xi


Right after completion, MISSING JOHNNY has entered the competition programs of two influential film festivals in Asia, winning nomination for Best Actress of Asian New Talent Award at 20th SIFF, nominations for Festival Prize and International New Talent Competition - Grand Prize at 19thTaipei Film Festival, and also taking four awards – Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, Best New Talent and Outstanding Artistic Contribution in Cinematography there. SIFF described the film as a work with strong features of Taiwan New Wave, while Taipei Film Festival remarked: the characters in MISSING JOHNNY drift above the everyday life that is full of chance and coincidence; the slow pace, dispassionate perspective and subtle incompleteness make it the MILLENNIUM MAMBO of today.” Now that the debut feature becomes the nominee for the Busan International Film Festival, thenew director sees it as great encouragement and recognition. It is reported that besides these honors, the production has received two nominations for Best Director and Best Feature at the 11th FIRST International Film Festival, as well as four nominations for Rising Scriptwriter of the Year, Rising Director of the Year, Rising Actress of the Year and Rising Producer of the Year at the Chinese Young Generation Film Forum.




MISSING JOHNNY is co-presented by3H Productions Ltd., Gungun Film Production Co., Ltd., MandarinVision and Blueberry Pictures, and co-starred by Kuo-Chu CHANG, Kay HUANG, Jack KAO, PAO Cheng-Fang, Chun-hao TUAN, TANG Zhiping, etc.






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