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SIFF Highlights The Belt and Road Exchange with Hungarian Peer


Group photo of PéterPfliegler, Deputy Mayor of Miskolc (fifth from left), CsabaDeák, Chancellor of University of Miskolc (sixth from left), Tibor Biro, Director of Miskolc International Film Festival with the SIFF Delegation members Fu Wenxia, Director of SIFF Center (fourth from left) and Max Yang, General Manager Assistant & Director of Market Dept.(second from left).


At 1:00 A.m. this morning of Beijing time, the new Chinese film STONEHEAD recommended by Shanghai International Film Festival met with the local audience of Miskolc International Film Festival (Jameson Cinefest), Hungary. As the major event of the Focus SIFF program at the Miskolc IFF, the panorama held in Uránia has attracted the filmmakers from all over the world, as well as many Hungarian filmgoers.


Located northeast to Budapest, Miskolc is the second largest city of Hungary, and known for its flourishing cultural atmosphere. The 13thMiskolc International Film Festival is held from September 9 to 18. Going through 12 years, the Festival has been growing rapidly, andhas now become the most prestigious film festival of the country, as well as a grand event in the European film industry. This June when the 20th SIFF was taking place, Director of Jameson Cinefest, Mr. Tibor Biro came all the way to Shanghai to sign the Belt and Road Film Culture Cooperation Mechanism Memorandum with the representatives of other film festivals and organizations along. Now the Focus SIFF program and the screening of STONEHEAD constitute the first cultural collaboration between the two sides after the signing of the Memorandum, and an important initiative to further enhance the Belt and Road cultural exchange. 


Director Fu Wenxia addresses pre-screening welcoming speech


Max Yang is interviewed by local TV station


Before the screening of the film, Director of SIFF Center, Fu Wenxia addressed a welcoming speech, showing her thanks to the Organizing Committee of Jameson Cinefest for the invitation and introducing the history and vision of SIFF to the audience present. Max Yang, General Manager Assistant of SIFF Center & Director of Market Dept. was interviewed by the local TV station. He elaborated the partnership between the two festivals reached this year, extended greetings to the Hungarian audience on behalf of the director of STONEHEAD, ZHAO Xiang, and introduced the story background of the film.


As the nominee for Best Film, Best Script Writer and Best Director of the 20th SIFF Asian New Talent Award, STONEHEAD is a production starred by non-professional cast, which tells a true and sincere story with subtle and delicate emotions. The performance of the kid actors in the film is particularly impressive. When screened at the Berlin International Film Festival early this year, it was highly recognized by the filmmakers and audience across the world.


After the panorama, Jameson Cinefest also held a reception party at the local concert hall, in memory of the cooperation between the two international festivals. PéterPfliegler, Deputy Mayor of Miskolc andCsabaDeák, Chancellor of University of Miskolc, delivered speeches on the occasion, welcoming the visit of the SIFF Delegation. The representatives from the Confucius Institute in Miskolc, Jury Members of the Festival and local government officials were also present. The guests all shared the same view that, they had few chances to watch Chinese films and know about Chinese culture before, but now the SIFF came directly to Hungary with the newest Chinese films and information on corresponding industries, it is of great significance in terms of deepening the mutual understanding and cultural exchange among the people in the countries along the Belt and Road, and promoting the future interaction and communication between the two countries.





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