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Recall Great Historic Moments | Film line-up for the 90th Anniversary of PLA Founding


The 1st of August this year celebrates the 90th anniversary of PLA founding. The Nanchang Uprising on August 1, 1927 fired the first shot of the Chinese Communist Party against the Kuomintang reactionaries, marking China’s entering the new era of armed revolution independently led by CCP, as well as the founding of the new people’s army in China.
To commemorate this great event, the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival has specially set up a panorama program named 90th Anniversary of PLA Founding, where Battle of Xiangjiang River, Decisive Engagement: The Liaoxi Shenyang Campaign, A Decisive Battle – Huaihai Campaign and Decisive Engagement: Beiping Tianjin Campaign will be screened. Come and recall these great historic moments together.


Screening List

Battle of Xiangjiang River/ Decisive Engagement: The Liaoxi Shenyang Campaign/ A Decisive Battle – Huaihai Campaign/ Decisive Engagement: Beiping Tianjin Campaign


Film Profile

Battle of Xiangjiang River



Directed by: Chen Li
Written by: Liu Jianwei/ Xiang Xiaomi/ Bei Tiejun
Starring: Wang Ying/ Xu Jian/ Dong Yong/ Sun Weimin/ Bao Jianfeng


As a tribute to the 80th anniversary of success of Long March, Battle of Xiangjiang River takes the most miserable and intense battle during the Long March -- Battle of Xiangjiang River as the background, and successfully corporate the loft and perseverant image of the leaders of Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army represented by Mao Zedong. Moreover, the film reveals the heavy loss caused by the wrong left-leaning route in a profound manner, and vividly demonstrates the dauntless spirit of the soldiers of Division 34 who kept marching forward and covered for the Central Red Army to go across the Xiangjiang River with no fear of death.


Decisive Engagement: The Liaoxi Shenyang Campaign



Directed by: Li Jun/ Yang Guangyuan
Written by: Li Pingfen/ Shi Chao/ Wang Jun
Starring: Gu Yue/ Su Lin/ Zhao Hengduo/ Wu Zhiyuan/ Sun Haiying

The film is a work in memory of the 70th Birthday of the Chinese Communist Party, and the first volume of the Decisive Engagement trilogy. In August, 1945 when the Japanese Imperialism surrendered, after suffering from the distressful chaos caused by the War and finally having a moment to enjoy the victory, the Chinese nation was about to face the moment mattering the destiny of the nation. As Chiang Kai-shek (Zhao Hengduo) broke the armistice agreement, the Civil War between the two parties started. After two years’ direct confrontation, the communists no longer remained in the weak position, and a decisive moment of the war was coming.
At the beginning of 1948, Mao Zedong (Gu Yue), Zhou Enlai, Ren Bishi and a number of CCP leaders left the Shaanbei Revolutionary Base and met with the Central Working Committee led by Liu Shaoqi and Zhu De in Hebei. Through deliberation and discussion, the leaders requested Lin Biao (Ma Shaoxin) to command the Northeast China Field Army of 500,000 soldiers and launch the Liaoxi Shenyang Campaign. Chiang Kai-shek, who still hesitated about staying in the Northeast or not, was forced to meet the fight. The battle deciding the future destiny of the Chinese nation thus began…


A Decisive Battle – Huaihai Campaign



Directed by: Li Jun/ Cai Jiwei/ Wei Lian/ Yang Guangyuan/ Jing Mukui/ Zhai Junjie
Written by: Li Pingfen/ Shi Chao/ Wang Jun
Starring: Gu Yue/ Su Lin/ Lu Qi/ Fu Xuecheng/ Liu Xitian

From September to October, 1948, the Liaoxi Shenyang Campaign and Jinan Campaign achieved victory one after the other, which marked the decisive turning point of the War of Liberation. At this critical moment, Chiang Kai-shek (Zhao Hengduo) dispatched three regiments of 170,000 soldiers to guard the Central Plains. In November of the same year, the East China Field Army attacked the regiment of Huang Baitao (Xu Huanshan), where the largest campaign during the War – Huaihai Campaign formally started. The uprising improvised by the undercover communist He Zhang created a winning opportunity for Su Yu (Xie Weicai) and successfully blocked the retreat route of Huang Baitao. After that, the two sides deployed forces and gave play to own advantages, turning the battlefield in the Central Plains a huge and destructive swirl. The Huaihai Campaign expanded in an unexpected speed. The key battle was definitely to be recorded in the history…


Decisive Engagement: Beiping Tianjin Campaign



Directed by: Li Jun/ Wei Lian
Written by: Li Pingfen/ Shi Chao/ Wang Jun
Starring: Gu Yue/ Su Lin/ Ma Shaoxin/ Lu Jixian/ Shi Chongren

In the third volume of Decisive Engagement trilogy, the fight between the Communists and Nationalists came to a crucial phase. After the Liaoxi Shenyang Campaign and Huaihai Campaign, Chiang Kai-shek (Zhao Hengduo) felt huge threat and intended to withdraw the Nationalist Army of 600,000 soldiers from North China and be stationed at Huaihai, thus building a firm line of defense along the Yangtze River and Huaihe River. At this urgent moment, Chairman Mao Zedong (Gu Yue) ordered at Xibaipo that Lin Biao (Ma Shapxin) lead the Northeast China Field Army to secretly cross the Great Wall and launch the Beiping Tianjin Campaign together with Nie Rongzhen’s North China Field Army, to divide Fu Zuoyi’s regiment and wipe them one by one. Fu declined the request from the US to enter North China, and meanwhile persuaded the President to give up the thought of withdrawing the army to the south, thus acquiring the authority in North China. However, during the period, the Liberation Army discreetly besieged Beiping and Tianjin. Realizing that he was losing the victory, Fu decided to negotiate with the opponent through her communist daughter Dong Ju (Chen Hongmei). As always, the peace didn’t come easy; there were still many challenges ahead…



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