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Results of 20th Golden Goblet Awards Short Film


On the evening of June 21, Jury President of SIFF Project, Jury President of Golden Goblet Awards Short Film and famous director GUAN Hu, with his wife actress LIANG Jing, Jury Members SHENG Zhimin and YUAN Mei revealed the final winners of 20th Golden Goblet Awards Short Film at the I-SIFF Gala Night. German production BAKA and Austrian short film LATE SEASON were awarded Best Live Action Short Film and Best Animated Short Film respectively.
This is the first year that the Golden Goblet Awards set up a competition program for short films. As the Jury President of both SIFF Project and Short Film unit, the director GUAN Hu has been quite busy recently. Before the ceremony, he said: “Short film is a very demanding genre. Though this is the first time that SIFF has ever had a short film competition, we have selected the works in a just and fair way. During the process, we’ve also realized the gap lying between us and international filmmakers.”




GUAN Hu and LIANG Jing announced that German short film BAKA won the award for Best Live Action Short Film, and its director Arvid KLAPPER appeared on the stage to take the trophy. The Jury considered that the production has presented profound meanings -- the warmth in the turbulent society through small touches, which is also highlighted by the actors’ vivid performance and director’s natural and sincere techniques. As commented by GUAN Hu: “The most important thing about short films is consciousness. I believe the director will definitely have a bright future.”




After that, Jury Members of Golden Goblet Awards Short Film SHENG Zhimin and YUAN Mei revealed the Best Animated Short Film, which went to LATE SEASON by Austrian animation director Daniela LEITNER. The Jury’s remark is: LATE SEASON features novel style, lifelike details and unlimited imagination. Daniela LEITNER didn’t come to the scene due to work, and her representative accepted the award and said excitedly: “I will bring this warm trophy back to Austria safely. Director Leitner will be thrilled.”



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