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Marianas Islands take first step into world of film festivals
By Liza Li
The Marianas International Film Festival (MIFF), which will debut on Saipan island at the end of 2017, hosted a kick-off ceremony yesterday at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival.
The theme of the first festival will be to promote the concepts of unity, harmony and world peace, all embodied in the design of a newly-released poster. Hundreds of films will be shown in local theatres on Saipan island during the film festival. 
The chairman of the first MIFF is veteran director Ng See-Yuan, president of the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers and Life Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Film Directors Guild. 
He will be supported in the role by two co-chairmen, renowned Chinese director Li Qiankuan, former Chairman of the China Film Association, and Korean film festival pioneer Kim Dong-ho, founder and former chairman of Busan International Film Festival.
The jury panel will include professional filmmakers and industry elites from around the world.
The MIFF is the newest major island film festival after Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival.
It will be co-organized by Imperial Pacific International Holdings and Golden Rose Media Group, and co-sponsored by Saipan Film Festival, Khorgos Ledao Interactive Entertainment Culture Media and Marianas Visitors Authority.

Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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