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YANG Mi and HUANG Xuan Win Their First Action Awards Jackie CHAN to Offer Organization Protectio


On June 22, the Jackie Chan Action Movie Week Gala Night of the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival took place at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. During the event, the 8 winners of Ironman were announced: EXTRAORDINARY MISSION swept three awards, SULTAN received Best Action Movie, and Scott ADKINS and YANG Mi won Best Action Movie Actor and Best Action Movie Actress respectively. The Chinese and foreign filmmakers and celebrities from all circles, including Jackie CHAN, Sammo HUNG, Chris TUCKER, FENG Xiaogang, Eric TSANG, LI Ning, LIU Ye, Emil Wakin CHAU, WU Jing, YANG Mi, LI Yifeng, ZHANG Yixing and ZHANG Yishan, attended the magnificent gathering. Jackie CHAN, together with other guests, announced to found the Stuntman Working Committee to provide proper protection for action filmmakers.


YANG Mi and HUANG Xuan win action awards for the first time

EXTRAORDINARY MISSION receives multiple honors


The Jackie Chan Action Movie Week, consisting of Action Movie Opening Forum, Action Movie Screening and Assessment, and "Jackie Chan Action Movie Week Gala Night”, reached a climax that night, with a number of distinguished guests witnessing the revelation of the winners of Ironman 2017.



Jackie CHAN comes on stage in wire fu


At the beginning of the celebration, the 63-year-old Jackie CHAN appeared on the stage in wire fu and welcomed every audience at the scene, showing the professionalism and hard work of an action actor in person. Then, more surprises came one after another: EXTRAORDINARY MISSION won the two honors of Best Action Special Effects and Best Action Choreographer, and its main actor HUANG Xuan was awarded Best Action Movie New Performer – the first recognition he has ever received in the field of action films. The director PAN Yaoming took over the trophy on behalf of HUANG, who was at work, and praised him on the stage: “HUANG Xuan is a very careful and meticulous actor. Every day when he comes to the filming site, all he does is reading scripts and acting, and he has never been absent.”




YANG Mi was awarded the Best Action Movie Actress for RESET, which was an astonishing result to her. She revealed that during the shooting, “Every action scene is real and live, which is quite different from my previous experience. We have spared a lot of efforts. Each falling is real, each hitting is real. I got bruises every day, but for me, they are like medals.” Scott ADKINS received the Best Action Movie Actor for BOYKA: UNDISPUTED. Coming a long way from Britain, he was thrilled to take the commendation, and hoped he could cooperated with Chinese filmmakers in the future. SULTAN, the Indian film grasped the prestigious award – Best Action Movie. Similar to the recent hit DANGAL, the film also tells a story about retightening the family ties through wrestling. Dante LAM was crowned Best Action Movie Director for OPERATION MEKONG.





Lucky Seven’s reunion becomes a touching moment

Li Yifeng, ZHANG Yixing and ZHANG Yishan perform on stage


The masculine "Jackie Chan Action Movie Week Gala Night” also had its tender and soft moment. The members of the world renowned Lucky Seven reunited on the stage: in red Tang suits, Sammo HUNG, Jackie CHAN, Yuen BIAO, Corey YUEN, etc. showed up hand in hand. Jackie CHAN prepared a special video for them, which reviewed their deep and close relationship spanning for 58 years, and recorded the process of them becoming super Kung Fu stars from obscure martial kids. Last year, when Jackie CHAN was given the honorary Oscar for his extraordinary achievements, they were also there. With the images of classic Kung Fu scenes fading in and out, many members could not help shedding tears. Overwhelmed by the strong emotions, Jackie CHAN said: “We really had a hard time when we were kids. Our master beat us a lot, but also taught us how to make a living.” 



Lucky Seven


While affected by the friendship of the older generation, the audience were also surprised by the vitality and enthusiasm carried along by the new generation of filmmakers. LI Yifeng specially presented a cordial monologue for the event: “Till I became an actor, I finally knew how hard it is to perform in action films. Only action actors themselves remember how many racing cars they have taken, how many times they have broken their ribs… I’d like to thank the acrobatic fighting teachers who have instructed non-action actors like us. Thanks for your industrious efforts. I once collaborated with the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. They represent the top action level of the world. I’m looking forward to working with Brother Chan in the future.”



LI Yifeng



ZHANG Yixing


ZHANG Yixing, who also performed together with Jackie CHAN in KUNG FU YOGA, brought his new song RELAX at scene. As a child star, ZHANG Yishan has a long history with Jackie CHAN, beginning with the LOOKING FOR JACKIE several years ago. The collaboration remains fresh in his memory. At the end of the gala, ZHANG Yishan, YANG Zi, WEI Yunxi and others sang a medley for the audience with Jackie CHAN, dropping the curtain of the entire event.


Stuntman Working Committee announced to be established

Jackie CHAN: It is to serve action filmmakers


The SIFF Jackie Chan Action Movie Week has gone through three years, during which time it has been endeavoring to allow the filmmakers who have made great contributions to action cinema to be known by the world, and the public to witness the hardship and bitterness hidden behind the filming of action movies.


Jackie CHAN announces to establish the Stuntman Working Committee of China Film Association


During the event, Jackie CHAN, together with others, formally announced to establish the Stuntman Working Committee of China Film Association, chaired by Jackie CHAN and ZHANG Hong, and joined by Sammo HUNG, YUAN Heping, FENG Xiaogang, TSUI Hark, Eric TSANG and CHIN Ka Lok as Vice Chairman. As introduced by Jackie CHAN, many years ago when he was shooting in the US, he saw the American actors defending their own interests through work union, and even offering to fight for Jackie CHAN who also participated in their production. Till now, he still receives the copyright royalty of the previous films every year. All these have motivated him, and he decided: “We shall have an organization like that in China as well.” Meanwhile, he thought of the arduous and difficult working environment of Chinese action filmmakers, “I felt disappointed when seeing my peers and brothers getting hurt in work, yet no one cares.”

Therefore, he communicated and allied a number of filmmakers. After several years, the organization finally comes into being, aspiring to give Chinese action film workers more secure and reliable protection. “This committee is to serve you guys”, facing the hundreds of action filmmakers off the stage, Jackie CHAN shouted in excitement.



Winner List of 3rd Ironman Selection:


Best Action Special Effects: EXTRAORDINARY MISSION


Best Action Choreographer: LI Zhongzhi (EXTRAORDINARY MISSION)

Best Action Movie New Performer: HUANG Xuan (EXTRAORDINARY MISSION)

Best Action Movie Actor: Scott ADKINS (BOYKA: UNDISPUTED)

Best Action Movie Actress: YANG Mi (RESET)

Best Action Movie Director: Dante LAM (OPERATION MEKONG)

Best Action Movie: SULTAN 





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