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Winners Of 20th Golden Goblet Awards


Award for Best Feature Film: PEDICAB
For the humanism and universality of the story, for the simplicity of the style and realization – for the non-conformism with which it represented our desire to believe that there is a sense in this Universe, the award for the Best Film goes to PEDICAB, from the Philippines.


Jury Grand Prix: YELLOW
YELLOW grips you with its compelling study of close friends struggling to pay for a lifesaving liver transplant. Restrained, naturalistic cinematography and subtle editing keep our attention squarely on outstanding actor performances oozing with desperation, as the director explores ideas of love, loyalty and friendship as they crumble under ever more intense pressures.

Award for Best Director: Maciej Pieprzyca for I AM A KILLER
The director of I'M A KILLER deftly guides the story, the performances and the various aspects of the film (camera, design, editing), sucking us into a world both palpable and mesmerizing in its darkness and human drama.

Award for Best Actress: Sareh Bayat in YELLOW
The calm, nuanced and multilayered performance is full of emotions, and successfully portrays a woman's strength and conviction under accidents and impacts.

Award for Best Actor: Huang Bo in THE CONFORMIST
For its minimalism in expressing complex emotions and thoughts, for his contribution to this intense observational narrative, the Award for Best Actor goes to Huang Bo from the Chinese film THE CONFORMIST.

Award for Best Screenplay: Ivan Bolotnikov, for KHARMS
For the skills of integrating form and style, narration and representation, archive and reenactment, the award for the best screenplay goes to KHARMS, from Russia.

Award for Best Cinematography: Shandor Berkeshi for KHARMS
The elegant cinematography of KHARMS plays on the full keyboard, utilizing a wide range of techniques - from lush black-and-white to beautifully lit interiors and to exteriors that combines live action and archival footage. The camera manages to highlight the absurd detail in the big picture, which is a fitting reflection of the rich world created by the poet Daniel Kharms.

Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement: FAULT CONDITION
For the courage to tackle delicate contemporary dramas, for its ability to combine different perspectives upon the same truth, the award for outstanding achievement goes to FAULT CONDITION from Romania.


The award goes to a film, which is dealing with an important, universal issue that touches all in the world of today. It is a film about humanity, relations of people from different cultures and different social situations.

Award for Best Animation Film: LOVING VINCENT
Never has there been a film that spoke to the heart of an artist like “Loving Vincent”. Animation and fine art painting come together in this loving tribute to the work and life of a master artist.




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