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Memorable highlights from 20 festivals featured in SIFF documentary


A documentary highlighting memorable aspects of past Shanghai International Film Festivals was premiered last night to celebrate the opening of this year's 20th event.



The 20th Shanghai Internation Film Festival: “Dream of Light and Shadow,” documentary premiere Conference. Pic by CFP


By Liza Li(Shanghai Daily)

The 19-minute retrospective, titled “Dream of Light and Shadow,” was directed by renowned television journalist Wu Zhihao and produced by SIFF.

“As one of the biggest film events in the Asia Pacific region, the documentary looks back at SIFF’s journey over the past 24 years from the   participants’ perspective," Wu said. 

"Our goal was to tell good stories with beautiful cinematographyand to reflect the history and details of the festival,” she added.

Featuring more than 20 interviews with international filmmakers and people closely associated with SIFF, the documentary has five segments.

They cover cultural innovation, culture as service to people, nurturing young talents, connecting cultures through the Belt & Road initiative, and telling good Chinese stories.

The documentary premiered last night on Dragon TV and will continue to be broadcast on a wide range of media platforms, including STV News, STV Art Media, DocuTV, East Movie Channel and video websites iQiyi, PPTV, Youku.com and Tencent.

“We aimed to achieve both objective truthfulness and creative expression in presenting signature images of SIFF from the 20 festivals. We also wanted to pay homage to people in the film industry who are producing the dreams,” Wu said.

Over the passing years, the festival has witnessed the development of China’s film industry, which is now drawing more attention worldwide. It also offers a platform for global cooperation and cultural exchange.

Chinese cinema has experienced rapid development in the past decades. Last year, the box office in China totaled 45.7 billion yuan (US$6.72 billion). Domestic productions earned more than 26.6 billion yuan, contributing 58.3 percent to the total revenues. Industry experts believe the coming decade will be a golden age for China’s film industry.

To mark its 20th edition, an exhibition about the festival’s history and achievements is also being held at 20 venues spread across the city, including cinemas, shopping malls and subway stations.

The exhibition displays historic photos, posters and lists of winning movies and artists over the last two decades. Local film enthusiasts are encouraged to share their own dreams about motion picture and stories related to the festival at a composition event.

At the festival’s awards ceremony on the evening of June 25, the Rainbow Chamber Singers will perform some of the age-old classics to take the audience down memory lane. Three short films about the city’s connection with movies will also be screened at the ceremony.



     Over the passing years, the festival has witnessed the development of China’s film industry, which is now drawing more attention worldwide. Pic by CFP






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