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International alliance set to support "Belt and Road" movie production


A multi-national production alliance to expand the influence of film in China's "Belt and Road" initiative participating countries was signed yesterday at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival.



Representatives of film festivals and film organizations from 14 countries joined the new cooperation. Pic by Wu Kai Zhu Jiamin


By Liza Li(Shanghai Daily)

Representatives of film festivals and film organizations from 14 countries joined the new cooperation. It aims to build a film network that integrates resources, develops new opportunities and promotes the "Belt and Road" concept.

The signatory countries are China, Egypt, Greece, Hungry, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia, Hungry, Lithuania, Netherlands and the Philippines.

A total of 1,016 films from 47 "Belt and Road" countries are featured at this year’s SIFF.
Launched three years ago, the “Belt & Road” initiative presents not only new opportunities for economic and social development in countries across Asia and Africa, but also in-depth cultural exchange.

Zhang Hongsen, deputy director of China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television said the cooperation opens new doors for filmmakers.

Films can support Silk Road traditions and spirit through co-production projects, film exhibitions and industry exchanges, he said.

The Chinese film industry’s soaring development in the international market has attracted numerous filmmakers seeking new partnerships, he added.

China encourages global filmmakers to integrate cultural resources through co-production projects while pushing forward the diversity and development of the international film industry.    
Renowned Shanghai author Chen Danyan is writing and directing the first co-produced China-Serbia film called “Where the Sava Flows.” It tells the story of the Serbian people from a Chinese travel writer’s perspective.

Chen has travelled extensively in Serbia and was granted opportunities to film in heritage locations, including the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Serbian Orthodox Church's monastery.

She has been working on the project since 2014 and has finished 70 percent of the location shooting and interviews. Chen will travel again to Serbia this summer for additional location filming.

“The project represents a new era of cooperation between the Chinese and Serbian film industries," said Zhang at yesterday's signing ceremony for “Where the Sava Flows.”

"It will prove very fruitful in the near future with more excellent results to come,” he added.




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