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Deputy Director of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China
Chairman of the Shanghai International Film Festival Organizing Committee


As an important part of the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival has kicked off the 20thedition.Here, on behalf of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the SIFF Organizing Committee, I would like to extend our gratitude to friends at home and abroad who have been supporting and caring about the development of Chinese films and the SIFF. Welcome to the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival.

China's film industry is now developing by leaps and bounds. The SIFF, as an important platform for domestic and international filmmakers to exhibit, have dialogues, and communicate, undertakes the responsibility to promote the development of Chinese film industry and enhance the cooperation among Chinese and foreign filmmakers. Each and every successful SIFF has witnessed the development of the global film industry, and participated in the rising of Chinese film industry.

This year’s SIFF brings together films from all around the world, especially those from countries along the “Belt and Road”. These films enable the audience to discover a colorful world, feel the pleasures and overcome possible cultural misunderstanding. Both Chinese and foreign filmmakers will communicate using the unique language of film on this important platform and enhance the development of world film culture. Therefore, the Festival will promote cultural exchanges among the countries along the “Belt and Road” and between China and foreign countries, and offer a diversified, integrated and unique oriental cultural feast with extraordinary activities.

With the unremitting efforts of several generations of filmmakers, Chinese film industry is in a prosperous golden age of development,  We hope that all Chinese filmmakers can, with adherence to the people-centered orientation, confidence in our culture, and craftsmanship, create more enlightening, touching and well-made films; we hope they can create more films that tell our own stories, care for the people, and make greater contribution to the world with different sound and color.

The SIFF, which maintains its vitality through constant innovation. In this sense, the 20th SIFF marks another starting point. Let’s enjoy the marvelous experience that the 20thFestival will bring us this June, and expect more surprises that the SIFF will bring the world in the future!


WENG Tiehui
Vice Mayor of Shanghai
Chairman of Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Organizing Committee

The annual SIFF is not only a festival celebrated by filmmakers from around the world, but also an event that Shanghai filmmakers are proud of. On behalf of the Shanghai Municipal Government and the SIFF Organizing Committee, I would like to extend our warm welcome to the old and new friends from the global film industry.

Shanghai is the cradle of Chinese films and the birthplace of China’s first cinema, firstproduction company and first generation of filmmakers and has the largest number of cinemas and seats in the country. In recent years, we have seized the opportunity of rapid development of China’s film industry and relied on the platform of the SIFF to carry out extensive international cooperation and exchange, actively promote the development of Shanghai’s film industry and help Shanghai with its goal of building a cultural cosmopolis. The SIFF is going to usher in its 20th birthdaythis yearand we will celebrate it with special events and a look back on itsdevelopmentin over 20 years as well as that of the world cinema, Chinese films and Shanghai films andplan forits future. Therefore, we genuinely hope that all filmmakers from all over the world can propose your valuable suggestions to the development of SIFF.

What’s more, at this year’s SIFF a great number of films produced by countries along the “Belt and Road” will be shown, and relevant organizations of the film industry from these countries will trade in the film market and participate in forums. We sincerely hope that through cooperation and communication, the SIFF can further expand its "friend circle", attract more film festivals and agencies from different countries, and jointly propel the development of international film culture.

We also hope that more Chinese filmmakers will gain inspirations, insights and strength so as to create more enlightening, touching, and high-quality works. In that way, we can not only meet the growing cultural demands of our own people, but also help more people all over the world deepen their understanding of Chinese culture.

Finally, I wish the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival a complete success!


Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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