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With the rapid growth of Chinese film market and significant enhancement of audiences’enthusiasm, various types of discussions on film and television industry have become increasingly frequent. Golden Goblet Film Forum, with its focus on professionalism, openness and perspectiveness as its planning concept, has become an important platform of Shanghai International Film Festival each year for the communication of viewpoints of the industry. More than ten speeches and discussions with various topics and numerous guests will investigate all top-down links in the film industry to discover the most popular, typical and cutting-edge contents and representative personages, thus offering the audience an excellent feast full of brain storming and confrontation of thoughts.

2016 Golden Goblet Film Forum will attempt to focus on the following aspects:

Film and capital, do they complement or conflict with each other? Chinese film, in the process of walking to the audiences since its birth, has been unable to bypass the active and debatable capital power and Internet thinking in the industry. Is such a combination established through willing intentions or connection of interests with respective purposes? How can Chinese film revive in the general trend while maintaining self-confidence and independence? Leaders of the industry will return to rational thinking while facing the current risks and opportunities.

How to balance the innovation of artistic creation and the demands of the audience at present? What kind of influence will urbanization and changes of entertainment consumption structure in China have on the film market? Presidents of film enterprises and well-known film producers will talk about their own observations in combination with the latest audience behavior surveys.

During the drive of Chinese film industrialization, which shall come first, elite education or vocational education? Their positioning and proportion will affect the quality and scale of Chinese film in the future. Presidents of the first-class film colleges in China will take part in the discussion and share their ideas of the cultivation of film and television talents.

From the Chairperson of the Golden Goblet Jury who has received various awards in Europe to those legendary actors and actresses engaging in both theater arts and commercial blockbusters, the practitioners of the industry, will tell their stories of art in person in the Chairman Forum and Master Class. 

It can be expected that Chinese film market will become the world’s largest market in the near future; however, there is a long way to go for Chinese film as far as “cultural soft power” is concerned. Films without multi-cultures are monotonous and boring; therefore, it is a task for all the countries, instead of China alone, to properly unite the excellent film concepts of all countries and narrate their own unique stories with global syntax. The Festival will specially invite the representatives of filmmakers from the countries involved in“the Belt and Road Initiative” to discuss the way of going global for national films.

Forum of Film Financing and Sino-Foreign Co-Productions, as the repertoire of the Film Forum, will hold a summit dialogue for the presidents of Sino-foreign film enterprises. The Roundtable Forum later will take several unsuccessful Sino-foreign co-productions recently and imported blockbusters as cases to study the market problems at present from a practical perspective.

The appeal to industrial specifications and the topics on self-discipline of entertainers have become more and more prominent. The behaviors of well-known entertainers are directly associated with the public acceptance of them and their works. What is a healthy and rational brokerage model? What is Entertainer Management 2.0? The senior entertainers and representatives of supportive teams will uncover the secretes of this sensitive topic for the first time.

Popular film music expands thee motional extension of the audience. The theme songs of several “dark horses” even played the role of pushing hands before their release. No matter “hit songs” or “peculiar songs”, the cross-border mutual assistance of songs and images has seemingly brought positive influence for both industries. Do pop musicians share the same viewpoint with filmmakers? They will express their own demands.

The study on revenue out of the box office is still at its exploratory stage in China. How does a film expand its revenue out of the cinemas? What new things will the Internet bring? The Festival specially invites Chinese and foreign film representatives to explore“one hundred possibilities of film derivatives”.

The increasing of audiences has enabled films to become important topics in social life. How will universal film reviews and the rising of we media change the responsibility and the role of film reviews? What changes will take place in the aspect of independence and operation of film reviews? The front-line film critics, public accounts and film scholars in China will make intellectual enquiries.

The rapid formation of online ticketing habit of the audiences has changed the relationship between cinemas and consumers within a few years, and even forced the cinemas to find new paths and rethink the operation philosophy and future definition of cinemas. The generation of new technologies has brought new challenges to watching films in cinemas; can the touchable moving images further change the rules of cinemas or even stimulate a brand new mode of film watching? The industry's elites engaging in cinema curation, operation and design will discuss “the cinemas in the future” in their minds.  



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