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Dates: June. 16 – June. 22

As the main event of Shanghai International Film Festival, SIFFORUM aims to create an intercultural communication platform for domestic and foreign filmmakers. SIFFORUM invites industry professionals to hold discussions in regard to industry structure, film production, advanced technology, talent cultivation, culture exchange, etc. Revealing its acuity, professionalism and foresightedness of film festival, SIFFORUM focuses on the front-end, middle and back-end of industry chain.

The purpose of holding SIFFORUM and SIFF MasterClass is to explore both domestic and international cinema development trends. The topics of SIFFORUM cover Chinese Film Industry Summit, Meet the Film Producers - Behind the Curtain of Hits and Indies, Cinema x Technolgy x Future: Sci-Fi Film beyond Reality and Imagination, Reinvigoration: Inheritance and Innovation of Mainstream Films, Shanghai-Hong Kong Film Cooperation & Exchange, etc. SIFF MasterClass invites , Peyman Yazdanian, Brillante Mendoza, Nadav Lapid, Emily Beecham and Yong Mei to share their unique insights and personal working experiences with young talents.


Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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