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Jury for 20th Shanghai International Film Festival Golden Goblet Award Announced


The 20th Shanghai International Film Festival(SIFF) will be held from June 17th to 26th. On the afternoon of May 18thlocal time, the Organizing Committee of SIFF hosted an oversea reception in Cannes, France. Over 200 Chinese and foreign guests from film industry and press attended the reception.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Shanghai International Film Festival. At the reception, Fu Wenxia, the Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the organizing committee of Shanghai International Film & TV Festival delivered a welcome speech, reviewing with all the guests the history and development of Shanghai International Film Festival over the past 20 years, and introducing current updates and highlights of this year’s festival. Ms. Fu also announced the names of jury panel for 20th SIFF Golden Goblet Awards, the opening film, and the first batch of eight nominations for Main Competition of Golden Goblet Awards.

At the end of 2016, the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival began calling for entries. Cutting off the day when submission was closed, 2,528 film entries from 106 countries and regions were received, a new record in the history of Shanghai International Film Festival. Among these films, more than 400 will be selected to constitute the list of Film Panorama and some of them will be shortlisted for various sections of Golden Goblet Awards. This year, a new “Short Films” category has been created, which attracted a great number of submissions.

At the reception, Ms. Fu announced the full list of Golden Goblet Awards jury, chaired by Romanian director Christian Mungiu. He won the coveted Palme d'Or with the film 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival and the Best Director’s Award last year for Graduation at the 69th Cannes Film Festival. Also included in the Golden Goblet Awards jury of this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival are:

Main Competition:

Baoping CAO, Chinese Director, Screenwriter, Producer
LI Qiang, Chinese Screenwriter
Milcho MANCHEVSKI, USA/Macedonian Director
SABU, Japanese Director
Gary Michael WALTERS, American Producer
XU Qing, Chinese Actress
Iikka VEHKALAHTI, Finnish Documentary Producer, Director
Kazuhiro SODA, Japanese Documentary Producer, Director
DU Haibin, Chinese Documentary Director
Tony BANCROFT, American Animation Director
Junji KOBAYASHI, Japanese Animation Director
YUAN Mei, Chinese Screenwriter, Animation Producer

The first batch of eight nominations for the 2017 SIFF Main Competition of Golen Goblet Awards were also announced at the reception. Nominees are:

FAULT CONDITION (Romania)  By Cătălin Saizescu
I’M A KILLER (Poland)  By Maciej Pieprzyca
KHARMS (Russia)   By Ivan Bolotnikov
MAD TO BE NORMAL (UK)    By Robert Mullan
MY BROTHER SIMPLE (Germany)     By Markus Goller
OUR TIME WILL COME (China)  By Ann Hui




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