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Preparatory Work for 2017 Shanghai International Film & TV Festival is Underway

  On February 16, the launching ceremony of the official partnership between CHLITINA and the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) was successfully held. The 2017 Shanghai International Film and TV Festival will take place from June 12 to June 26. Filming for the award-winning script “Ganglamedo”, a documentary in the “Women, Go for Love” venture project jointly initiated by CHLITINA and Shanghai International Film & TV Festivals has already been completed. In a new round of cooperation, the two parties will work together closely on post-production and distribution home and abroad, striving to create a top-notch documentary through meticulous hard work. The film is now under editing. Upon completion, it will be submitted for the 20thSIFF Golden Goblet Awards Documentary Category, and is to hold its worldwide premiere during the film festival.  


Chen Wugang,CEO of CHLITINA, Chen Bihua, President of CHLITINA, Fu Wenxia, Managing Director of Shanghai International Film & TV Festivals, Tashi Chophel , Director of “Ganglamedo” and Christy Chung, Famous Movie Star

Approved by the State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, the 2017 Shanghai International Film and TV Festival will take place from June 12 to June 26. During this period, the 23rd Shanghai Television Festival will be held from from the 12th to the 16th, and the 20thShanghai International Film Festival from the 17th to the 26th. Currently, the preparatory work for Shanghai International Film and TV Festivals is fully launched. 

SIFF is one of the 15 non-specialized competitive (Category A) international film festivals recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations. According to Fu Wenxia, Managing Director of Shanghai International Film & TV Festivals , in order to increase the festival’s film screening capacity, and meet the viewing needs of movie fans and Shanghai residents, this year’s SIFF will be extended by 1 day based on the original 9 days. This change has also been approved by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations. At present, preparation for the 20th SIFF is in full swing. The call for submissions has been met with warm responses all over the world, and entries for the film contest and submissions for screenings have also seen an increase compared with the same period of last year. This not only reflects the great attention and trust that the global film industry is showing to SIFF, but also proves that SIFF’s influence and authoritativeness is continuing to rise. With an aim to maintain its creativity and vibrancy, this year’s SIFF has adopted some innovative changes in addition to the extension of the festival’s duration to 10 days. For example, there will be an upgrade in SIFF projects, an increase in activities within each unit, and an expansion of market collaborations.



 The three young leading roles in the documentary “Ganglamedo”



“Ganglamedo” director Tashi Chopheltakes the stage with three leading roles, sharing the filming experience with the audience 

The documentary venture project jointly hosted by CHLITINA and Shanghai International Film & TV Festivals “Women, Go for Love”, met enthusiastic responses after the call for submissions in last March. Within just one month, several hundreds of scripts were received. After careful selection, “Ganglamedo” stood out as the winner, and received sponsorship of RMB 1 million from CHLITINA. Last August, led by director Tashi Chophel, tracking shooting began in Qinghai. “Ganglamedo” means snow lotus that symbolizes the strong character of Tibetan women. The film tells a story ofSuo Nanji and two other Tibetan girls following their dreams. After they were admitted into urban vocational schools, they started an emotional journey mixed with fear, attempt, joy and confusion. They tried to fit into a vastly different lifestyle through study so as to realize their dreams and personal values. But their ideas came into conflict with the centuries-old traditions and customs of Tibetan herdsman and the realistic life environment. The simple and genuine prairie girls encountered confusion and uncertainty time and time again… At the press release, “Ganglamedo” director Tashi Chophelshared about what he had harvested during the past 6 months of shooting.  


图片4.png  2017 Press release: Official Partnership between CHLITINA and 20th SIFF  


Documentaries are like “national photo albums”, faithfully recording the changes of the times and the development of society. The Shanghai Television Festival’s Magnolia Award has long been widely recognized in the international film industry, and SIFF is the only national film festival to have a documentary award category in China. Every year, the Shanghai Film and Television Festival receives over 900 documentary submissions from home and abroad, and many world-class documentary directors have served as documentary panel judges for the Magnolia Award and Golden Goblet Award, which has directly promoted a large number of documentaries to emerge from the festival’s platform. According to relevant personnel from the Shanghai Film and Television Festival, the documentary that is produced in collaboration with CHLITINA is unlike common commercial productions: it is profound in its themes. It is not only a big step toward the national film industry, which is made possible by a combination of the festival’s own rich resources and help from various communities, but also an outstanding national film aiming at delivering a thematically profound, artistically brilliant and meticulously crafted production for broader audience. The production of the documentary demonstrates Shanghai Film and Television Festival’s attention to humanities and its commitment to help the Chinese film industry create more “peak” productions, thus accumulating quality cultural resources for Shanghai.









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