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SIFF and DIFF Shook Hands by Entering into Cooperation Agreement



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According to the agreement, SIFF and DIFF will establish a cooperation mechanism regarding the film market project based on interchange of exhibition booths, exchange of the film and TV industry of the two regions, reciprocal visits, as well as mutual publicity and promotion.
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general manager assistant of SIFF Yang Lele and executive chairman of DIFF Shivani Pandya signed the cooperation agreement
At the signing ceremony, general manager assistant of SIFF Yang Lele said, “Dubai International Film Festival is an important film event in the Middle East, and is a fantastic platform for the world to know about Arabian films and filmmakers. Dubai International Film Festival is very well organized with rich content. It holds a special panorama of new outstanding Chinese films every year, making contributions to enabling Arabian filmmakers and audiences to know about Chinese films.”
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Ms. Shivani Pandya, managing director of DIFF, noted, “Dubai International Film Festival aims to show outstanding films across the world. In recent years, Dubai International Film Festival has paid close attention to excellent films of Asian countries. We have noticed that China’s film market is booming, audiences are enthusiastic about films, and the number of new films made has been rapidly increasing. Therefore, Dubai International Film Festival hopes to establish a relationship with Shanghai International Film Festival, as well as the Chinese film industry. It is of great significance that the two film festivals along the “Belt and Road” start to exchange and work with each other so that audiences of both countries get to know about the good stories in each other’s culture. Furthermore, the establishment of the cooperation mechanism between the two film festivals will further facilitate exchange of filmmakers from the two countries and exploration of the possibility of cooperation in making films.”
Recently, the International Film and TV Market of Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) visited Dubai, an important hub city of the “Belt and Road”. In the morning of December 10, general manager assistant of SIFF Yang Lele signed a SIFF-DIFF cooperation agreement with managing director of DIFF Shivani Pandya at the signing ceremony held at Madinat Jumeirah HQ in Dubai.



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