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SIFF World Express arrives at Estonia’s Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival




On November 26, SIFF World Express arrived in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. This was the first SIFF World Express project between Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) and Estonia’s Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, as well as the big move of film culture exchange between SIFF and countries along “One Belt One Road”. Carrying onboard Soul on a String, the Golden Goblet Award Winner of Best Cinematography at the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival, and Absurd Accident, a nominee for Best Script Writer of the Asian New Talent Award also at the 19th SIFF, SIFF World Express brought two new films by Chinese filmmakers for Estonia’s movie fans.




Estonia’s Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival is one of the FIAPF-accredited non-specialized competitive film festivals. Chinese film A Simple Life won Grand Prix for the Best Film and Best Actress at the festival some years ago. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Black Nights Film Festival, the organization committee has organized a series of celebrations and special film panoramas, and one of the key contents of the 20th anniversary celebration is the cooperation with SIFF aiming to promote film culture exchange between the two countries through recommending films for each other. TIINA LOKK, director of Black Nights Film Festival, hoped that SIFF’s organization committee would continue to recommend Chinese films to participate in Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival so as to bring more Chinese films to local audiences who are interested in the Chinese culture.




This year is the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationship between China and Estonia, and the SIFF World Express project has enjoyed strong support from Estonia's Ministry of Culture and the Chinese Embassy in Estonia. In addition, the Chinese Embassy in Estonia is planning to organize a “Chinese Film Week” in January 2017 to prepare a “feast from hometown” for Chinese film fans who are living overseas, meanwhile providing a chance for more film fans in Estonia to appreciate the charm of Chinese films.



On November 26 (local time), Absurd Accident was shown at the Apollo Kino Solaris studio in Tallinn. At the press conference that followed, production director & producer from Heyi Pictures, the film’s producing company, Lu Yang, met with Estonian audiences for face-to-face communication. Stern, from the organization committee of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in charge of film panoramas, Fu Wenxia, executive deputy secretary general of SIFF’s organization committee, and Qu Zhe, ambassador of Chinese Embassy in Estonia, attended the conference and the reception. 


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