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Shanghai International Film Festival and Mumbai Film Festival Officially Enter into a Contract


On December 6th local time, a signing ceremony was held by Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) and Mumbai Film Festival (MFF) in Mumbai, and the contents of their collaboration in 2017 were confirmed. The Deputy General Manager of SIFF Ding Li and the Chairwoman of MFF Anupama Chopra signed a cooperative agreement. The consul general for China at Mumbai Zheng Xiyuan, the cultural consul for China at Mumbai Li Fanghui and the art director of MFF Smriti Kiran attended the signing ceremony.


Deputy General Manager of SIFF Ms. Ding Li and Chairwoman of MFF Ms. Anupama Chopra signing the cooperation agreement
During the ceremony, SIFF and MFF established a cooperation framework based on personnel exchange, holding cooperative themed film festivals in both cities and mutual recommendation of films and professionals.
At the signing ceremony, consul general Zheng Xiyuan said, “Mumbai and Shanghai are both important cities on the Maritime Silk Road. Cultural exchange and cooperation between China and India, an important country under the “Belt and Road” initiative, will be of great significance to the future development of both countries. In addition, cultural exchange, in particular exchange in the film industry, is a critical driver for the development of China and India.
SIFF and MFF have also determined a cooperative purpose that showcasing of outstanding native films will be held in the other party’s film festival in order to enhance the mutual understanding of both countries’ film cultures. The sponsor of MFF has also indicated that they will have outstanding Indian films, directors and actors participate in relevant activities and organize their industry elites to visit the local film companies in Shanghai during the 20th SIFF in 2017 so as to carry forward the cooperative film projects between China and India.



Deputy General Manager of SIFF Ms. Ding Li and Chairwoman of MFF Ms. Anupama Chopra
Hosted by Mumbai Academy of Moving Image, MFF is one of the largest international film festivals in India. This annual festival started in 1997, and has always been located in Mumbai, the production center of “Bollywood” films.
On September 18th, 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proclaimed Shanghai and Mumbai as “Friendly Cities” and launched collaboration programs in areas such as government, economy and trade, culture, talent cultivation, think tank, etc. On May 5th-9th, 2016, Han Zheng, member of the CPC Politburo and secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, led a CPC delegation to visit India. He attended the “Sino-India Cooperation Dialogue Forum – Enhancing Sino-India Partnership” and delivered a keynote speech. He said, “China and India are increasingly becoming important forces in the world’s multi-polarization process. China is vigorously advocating and actively promoting the “Belt and Road” initiative, and India is one of the important countries under the initiative. We believe the mutually beneficial and comprehensive cooperation between China and India will benefit not only the two countries, but also Asia and the world as a whole. As China’s largest economic central city, Shanghai should and is able to make bigger contributions to the Sino-India cooperation.”




Group photo of consul general for China at Mumbai Zheng Xiyuan, cultural consul for China at Mumbai Li Fanghui, Deputy General Manager of SIFF Ding Li, Chairwoman of MFF Anupama Chopra, and Art Director of MFF Smriti Kiran

Mumbai and Shanghai are both the birthplace of their respective national films. Mumbai is where Bollywood is based, whereas Shanghai is also becoming a vital city in Chinese film industry, with its clustering of film companies, completeness of industrial chain and international influence. Since the two cities have become “Friendly Cities” due to the effort made by the leaders of the two countries, this collaboration between SIFF and MFF happened in the most opportune circumstances.


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