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2017 SIFF PROJECT opens for submission!


SIFF PROJECT of the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival will be held from 18th to 20th June of 2017 in Shanghai. SIFF PROJECT now calls for entries worldwide. 30 projects will be selected and representatives of those will be invited to attend relevant events of the festival.



As the film project financing platform of Shanghai International Film Festival, SIFF PROJECT has been playing an important role in Asian film market, especially during the rise of China’s movie industry. Not only has it become the incubator for good film works, but also the very place to discover Chinese talents.


Born in 2007, SIFF PROJECT bears the mission of connecting the film industry, supporting emerging filmmakers and facilitating Sino-foreign co-production. In 2014, to better demonstrate the festival’s emphasis on the upcoming generation, it set a sub section called “New Talent Project”.



Each year, 30 film projects are selected and presented by SIFF PROJECT, which not only include the latest works from established filmmakers but also original ideas from fresh faces. They are offered the opportunities to meet directly with film financers, producers, distributors, and to be introduced to media and the public. Matching good projects with good partners, for ten years, SIFF PROJECT has dedicated itself to discovering, presenting and supporting good stories, promising teams and creative filmmaking. Witnessing 44 projects being made to movies, including some award-winning films in major film festivals, SIFF PROJECT has gradually earned its reputation and recognition in both home and abroad.


2016.12.10 – 2017.03.10
1. Feature film project intended for theatrical release (not including animations);
2. Chinese language film, or Sino-foreign co-production;
3. With a finished script or treatment (projects with finished scripts are preferred);
4. With a budget plan(projects that have securedover 20% of the totalbudgetare preferred);
5. Attached with a director and a producer;
6. Projects that have not participated in any other Chinese project market are preferred;
To qualify for the selection of “New Talent Project”, the project also needs to be:
1. A Chinese language film;
2. The first or second feature film of the director.
1. Submit the project via “Project Entry” on the official website of Shanghai International Film Festival (www.siff.com);
2. Materials of co-production projects are required to be in both Chinese and English languages;
3. After online submission, a treatment and a proposal are required to be emailed to SIFF PROJECT before the deadline;
4. Once receiving all the materials, SIFF PROJECT will reply an email to confirm the successful application;
5. The applicantMUST be the copyright owner of the submitted material, or is authorised to act on behalf of the copyright owner of the submitted material;
6. Please make sure that the contact information is valid and correct;
7. The SIFF committee charges no fee for the submission;
8. Materials and information supplied will be treated as confidential and will be used for Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) only.
1. Director’s biography and filmography (200 words in Chinese; 90 words in English);
2. Producer’s biography and filmography (200 words in Chinese; 90 words in English);
3. Production company profile (200 words in Chinese; 90 words in English);
4. Logline (40 words in Chinese, 20 words in English);
5. Synopsis (500words in Chinese, 180 words in English);
6. Statement of Creation (200 words in Chinese, 110 words in English);
7. Treatment (about 1000 words in English and 2000 words in Chinese, please email to project@siff.com);
8. Director’s previous works ( no more than 2 feature or short films, please provide an online link);
9. Production proposal (including budget sheet and shooting agenda, please email to project@siff.com);
Optional Materials:
10. Full-script (please email to project@siff.com).
1. Two representatives of the project (director and producer only) will be officially invited to Shanghai International Film Festival as project guests to attend related events, with complimentary accommodation during the event.
2. Selected projects will be officially promoted by SIFF at various occasions;
3. Selected projects will have the chance to meet industrial experts and potential buyers in private;
4. Selected projects will be eligible to win cash and none-cash awards of SIFF PROJECT;
For those got selected as “New Talent Project” will also be granted with:
5. Project assessment and pitch training sessions by industrial professionals;
6. Open presentation opportunity with the attendance of all the buyers and media;
7. Eligible to win the grand award of “Most Creative Project”.
1. The finalist will be posted on the SIFF official website around mid-May. At the same time, the selected project will be contacted by the committee via email or phone. Please ensure that the email address and phone number provided are correct and operational and do update with SIFF PROJECT team if your contact changes;
2. Once the project party has officially confirmed its participation, it is required to fully collaborate with the committee in order to better present the project and could not withdrawn from the Festival for any reason.
3. At least one representative of each selected project is required to attend all meetings and events organized by SIFF PROJECT. If none is able to attend, the project is automatically disqualified from the shortlist.
4. Online-registration is required within 7 days after the announcement of selection result. Selected project will be cancelled automatically if fails to register in time.
5. Once the selected project completes, it will be required to present the SIFF PROJECT logo in the opening or closing credit of the final film.
* Participation in the Festival implies adherence to the regulations as here set out. The Festival maintains the right to decide all cases not provided above.
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