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 Facts and Figures of the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival 2016 (June 11-19, 2016):

Submission: 2,403 films from 114 countries and regions.
Film panorama: 445 films from 49 countries and regions were screened on 51 screens at 45 cinemas across the city; a total number of 1,363 public screenings and 108 audience meetings were organized; there were 347,031 movie visits with a total box office amount of over RMB20 million.
Film market: the total exhibition area was 19,000 square meters, 3,000 square meters more than that of last year; there were 243 exhibitors, attracting 16,000 person-times of visitors.
SIFF project: 350 applications from 10 countries and regions were received and were shortlisted to 30 projects, with 10 selected for the New Talent Project and 7 for co-production.
SIFFORUM: in the 17 sessions held during the festival, over 70 guests from China and around the world exchanged experiences and ideas with domestic and overseas filmmakers and crossover elites in the area of artistic creation, talent cultivation, film criticism, industry trends, film-game connection, Internet thinking, film industrialization and market development, jointly building their dreams of movies.
I-SIFF program: worked with Putuo District to organize “Internet film serial activities” and launch the VR virtual paradise for the first time, and organized the four major events including the Internet movie screening, Internet & Film Industry Investment Summit, I-SIFF Shanghai Summit Forum and I-SIFF Gala Night. These activities aimed to build a dialogue and cooperation platform connecting the Internet and traditional film companies as well as a platform to launch summer movies.
Jackie Chan Action Movie Week: included the opening forum, action film screening, audience voting for the "Man of Steel" award, and the Gala Night of Jackie Chan Action Movie Week. The action movie week not only brings excellent action movies from home and abroad to the audiences, but also serves as a voice for action filmmakers, consolidates action movie resources internationally, and facilitates China’s action movies to go global. Jackie Chan, Kim Hee-sun, Feng Xiao gang, Eric Tsang, Xu Zheng and many other stars attended the award ceremony.
Classic film restoration: Shanghai International Film Festival joined hands with Jaeger-LeCoultre to engage the Bologna Restoration Lab of Italy to restore with 4K the classic film C’est la Vie, which was the first film by director Derek Yee in the 1990’s. It was revived and returned for cinema showing during the film festival.
"the Belt and Road": the theme of “the Belt and Road” was everywhere to be found in the panorama, market, forum and other activities. SIFF also entered into the “the Belt and Road” film festival strategic cooperation agreement with the “Night of Dark” Film Festival of Estonia and the Cairo Film Festival of Egypt.
Media coverage: 1,257 journalists from 460 mainstream media organizations from around the globe covered the festival, creating 3,406 original reports. SIFF received high media exposure from mainstream media including China’s major central media organizations, key media from Shanghai and throughout the country, and large portals. During the event, there were 403 English reports from overseas media covering professional comprehensive media from countries on all the five continents, including the US, the UK, France, Russia and Japan. Online reprints of news about the film festival reached 121,000, over 1.6 million pieces of news were forwarded in WeChat, and the number of comments from new media exceeded 757,000.

Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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