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SIFF PROJECT Introduction


As the film project financing platform of Shanghai International Film Festival, SIFF PROJECT has been playing an important role in Asian film market, especially during the rise of China’s movie industry. Not only has it become the incubator for good film works, but also the very place to discover Chinese talents.
Born in 2007, SIFF PROJECT bears the mission of connecting the film industry, supporting emerging filmmakers and facilitating Sino-foreign co-production. In 2014, to better demonstrate the festival’s emphasis on the upcoming generation, it set a sub section called “New Talent Project”.
Each year, 30 film projects are selected and presented by SIFF PROJECT, which not only include the latest works from established filmmakers but also original ideas from fresh faces. They are offered the opportunities to meet directly with film financers, producers, distributors, and to be introduced to media and the public. Matching good projects with good partners, for ten years, SIFF PROJECT has dedicated itself to discovering, presenting and supporting good stories, promising teams and creative filmmaking. Witnessing 44 projects being made to movies, including some award-winning films in major film festivals, SIFF PROJECT has gradually earned its reputation and recognition in both home and abroad.
Host: Shanghai International Film Festival Organizing Committee
Contact: project@siff.com | 86-21-2200 9859


Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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