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[I am a script writer, may I submit my script?]
Script is only a part of a film project. Unfortunately, SIFF PROJECT only accepts projects that are under development instead of merely scripts.


[I am a director, may I submit my project even though I have not a feature film yet?]
Of course you can. SIFF PROJECT welcomes emerging directors.
And the sub section “New Talent Project” is especially designed for the first and second Chinese feature film projects of the director.


[If my project does not have any director attached yet, is it possible to submit just with the producer or the scriptwriter?]
The project with both director and producer attached is more likely to be selected.


[Is there any limit for the region of the project?]
SIFF PROJECT welcomes projects from all over the world.
However, for non Chinese project, it needs to be designed as a coproduction with China. Meanwhile, the “New Talent Project” only opens for Chinese language projects.


[How shall I submit my project?]
Firstly, please take a look at SIFF PROJECT Application Terms & Conditions (www.siff.com-Market-SIFF PROJECT) and have all the necessary materials ready.


Step 1.
Browse the SIFF official website www.siff.com >
Click “Project Entry” on the right >
Register yourself >
Log in and find “online application” under “project entry” >
Click “New Entry” and fill in the information required.

Step 2.
Complete and confirm the information >
Click “submit” below >
After being checked by SIFF staff, the project will get a number >
Please send the treatment, the production proposal and any other supporting materials to project@siff.com
(please title the files with project number + project title + treatment/production proposal)

The application is successful once receiving the confirmation email from SIFF PROJECT.


[Do I need to pay any application fee for the submission?]
SIFF PROJECT is a non-profit platform of Shanghai International Film Festival which opens to public entry for film projects. It will not charge any fee for application or admission under any circumstance.


[How many projects can I submit at most?]
There is no limit on the number of projects submitted by one applicant. However, to ensure the quality of participation, SIFF PROJECT normally does not select more than one project from the same applicant.


[Is previous works of the director a compulsory? How many and what kind of previous works should be provided?]
Yes, previous work is required for the submission, as it is an important reference for the selection.
Please provide no more than 2 works of the director that is considered the most representative. The work could be either a feature or a short film including advertisement, web drama. If the video is password secured, please provide the code as well.


[When and how the finalist will be announced?]
The finalist will be posted on the SIFF official website around mid-May. Before that, the selected project will be contacted by the committee via email or telephone. Therefore, please ensure that the email address and telephone number provided are correct and operational till that time. If there is any change of the contacts, please email the update information to us.


If you have any other enquire, please contact:
+86 21 2200 9859 (Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. GMT +8. Not available on weekends and public holidays.)



*If you are a project representative, please also state the title and number of your project.


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