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I-SIFF serial programs


Based on the features of the Internet and characteristics of film industry, I-SIFF, as an innovative project of Shanghai International Film Festival, has set up a weather vane of the industrial revolution and taken on a unique look with vitality and vigor, by gathering the hot people and projects in the industry. 2016 I-SIFF will be comprised of five main activities, including the “Internet + Film & TV" Industry Investment Crossover Summit, I-SIFF Shanghai Summit, Internet Film Screening, Internet Film Night and Exhibition of VR Image. The projects will continue to build a multi-functional platform that integrates screening, exchange, funding and promotion for Internet films and aims to become a special scene of Shanghai International Film Festival.


Part I Concept of the Project

The project aims to build an exchange platform for Internet organizations at home and abroad and create an innovative activity mode close to the netizens by sticking to the action planning of "Internet +" and focusing on the mainstream topics and industrial trend. On the base of the experience of the activities of the first time, SIFF will work closely with the People's Government of Putuo District to optimize the overall set-up of the activities and invite important guests and hot people to discuss hot topics, open up industrial channels so as to build effective cooperation mode, promote popular films of the second half of 2016 with even greater efforts and display VR films with the latest technology.  


Part II Activity Agenda

June 13-15                     Internet Film Screening

June 14   14:00-16:00    I-SIFF Shanghai Summit

June 15  14:00-16:00     "Internet Film " Industry Investment Summit

June 15  18:30-21:00      I-SIFF Gala Night

June 11-19                     Exhibition of VR Image


Part III Activity Content

i.       I-SIFF Shanghai Summit

1.     Purpose of the Activity

Leading figures in the Internet film industry will be invited to sort out the development of this industry and look into the future.

2.     Time: June 14  14:00-16:00

3.     Venue: Multi-function Hall of Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

4.     Number of Participants: 300

5.     Participating Enterprises: Alibaba Pictures Group, Tencent Pictures, Le Vision Pictures, Nuomi Films[A1] , iQiyi Pictures, Huayi Brothers Media Corporation and Enlight Media, etc. 


ii.       "Internet Film " Industry Investment Summit

1.      Purpose of the Activity

The summit will select outstanding projects in the Internet film and TV industry and provide the entrepreneurs in this industry with a platform to demonstrate, promote, and serve and dock with effective capital and resources so as to drive the development of the industry.

2.      Time:

           Preliminary Time: April 1-30

           Roadshow Time: May 7 (To be confirmed)

           Summit Time: June 15 14:00-16:00


3.      Venue: Multi-function Hall of Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

4.      Organizations

Co-organizer: Shanghai Network Audio-visual Association (SNAA)

Participating Organizations: Investment Organizations including Sequoia Capital, IDG, Matrix Partners China, Gobi Partners, Fosun Kinzon, CVCapital and Van Entertainment Works and so on


iii.     Internet Film Screening

1.     Purpose of the Activity

The activity aims to attract the attention on I-SIFF from the films fans by making special screenings of theatrical films with Internet genes so as to intensify the impact of the activity.

2.     Screening Time: June 13-15

3.     Screening Venue: Caoyang Cinema, Huayi Brothers Cinema, Premiere International Cinema-Global Harbor

4.     Form of Screening

1)     New Film Screening on Demand: Premiere or screening on demand for films to be released

2)     Bilibili: Special Bullet Screen Session for Fans Interaction

3)     Yulebao Fans Exclusive: Crowd-funding Internet Film Screening


iv.      I-SIFF Gala Night

1.      Purpose of the Activity

The event aims to be an annual film gala gathering the film crews and stars popular on the Internet and their fans that promotes the major Chinese-made films to be shown in the second half of this year, for example, during the summer holidays, National Day holidays and Christmas Day holidays.

2.      Time: June 15, 2016  18:30--21:00

3.      Venue: Pearl Hall of Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

4.      Guests: the production team of the new films

5.      Number of Audience: 600

6.      Live Platform: Tencent, Youku, Tudou, Bilibili


v.      Exhibition of VR Image

1.     Purpose of the Activity: to display the latest technology of virtual reality so as to promote the exchange and communication among the VR talents home and abroad

2.     Time: June 6-10, 2016  Preview

                  June 11-19, 2016

3.     Venue: Art Space of Yuexing Global Harbor

4.     Activity Form: VR Screening, VR Salon, VR Experience

5.     Co-organizer: Shanghai Broadcasting and Television Producers Association



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