2017-03-21 13:36:16[UPDATES]

Overview of “the Belt and Road”


Responding to the advocate of Shanghai International Film Festival, participants of the 19thShanghai International Film Festival from countries along the “the Belt and Road” entered into a “ the Belt and Road” film festival strategic cooperation agreement, reflecting SIFF’s aspiration to,in response to the country’s strategic deployment, pay close attention to overseas market needs, actively facilitate Chinese movies to go global, disseminate Chinese stories to every corner of the world, and build a complete movie culture export and exchange channel.


At the second half of 2016, SIFF started to implement the “the Belt and Road” action plan. By establishing mechanisms in mutual personnel visits, mutually recommending films and jury members, co-organizing special film festivals and forums, exchanging exhibition booths, and co-organizing marketing activities, SIFF has started to cooperate with Mumbai Film Festival of India,“Night of Dark” Film Festival of Estonia, India International Film Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival of Poland, and Dubai International Film Festival of the United Arab Emirates.


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