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Overview of “the Belt and Road”


To implement the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping, SIFF launched the Silk Road panorama in 2015; set up “the Belt and Road” Series as a permanent program, and entered into cooperation agreements with Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Cairo International Film Festival, Mumbai International Film Festival and other international competitive non-specialized film festivals in 2016. 


In2017,The 20th SIFF has defined promoting Belt and Road cultural exchange as a festival theme. On the first day, the representatives from 15 film festivals and institutions in the 14 countries along Belt and Road signed the Memorandum of Cooperation. The group photo of them joining hands together overflows with solemnity, as well as excitement and joy.


The action of SIFF to promote Belt and Road cultural exchange has received active responses from the filmmakers and film organizations of multiple countries. This year, the number of the applying films from 47 countries along the Belt and Road is up to 1,016. After appraisal and selection, some of the 189 productions from 32 countries along became the competition films for the Golden Goblet Awards and Asia New Talent Award, some entered major panorama programs. Among them, 17 excellent films were screened at the Belt and Road panorama, all of which depicted the local customs and cultural connotations of the countries and nations along the Belt and Road from the perspectives of filmmakers. On the platform of SIFF, the audience savored the splendidness of diversified culture; by virtue of the approach, the Belt and Road cultural exchange was presented in front of the audience in a vivid and intuitive way.


At the SIFForum, the Belt and Road Roundtable Talk was also held, where the delegates of the international film festivals and institutions in Iran, Egypt, UAE, Poland, Greece, Hungary, etc. exchanged their local film market status quo, and shared their festival organization experience, audience cultivation strategies and market promotion mechanisms. Despite the different cultural, historical and economic conditions, they have reached consensus on many aspects: no matter in what kind of environment, creation is eventually inseparable to audience, and film festival is an optimal medium to cultivate audience. More importantly, the film industries of the countries along the Belt and Road share many similarities, which means proper cooperation foundation and space; in the past, due to the lack of exchange mechanism, the opportunities for communication were limited, while the Belt and Road Initiative rightly provides unlimited possibilities for the collaboration of the filmmakers in the countries along. All the guests agreed that, the film festivals and institutions shall orient themselves towards the future, reinforce cross-border cultural exchange with the help of various channels and methods, and achieve interconnection and interflow to a larger extent.


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