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7th SIFF Jin Jue International Film Forum


2004 Jin Jue International Forum

Jin Jue International Film Forum of the 7th Shanghai International Film Festival consists of three major parts with the theme of "Chinese
phenomenon","Asia New Trend" and "International Communication".

Part one:Chinese Phenomenon-Theme Forum. Two sub-themes make up for this forum:
I.Diversified cooperation of Chinese film industry and Global Development
II.Dialogue between New Chinese Directors and World Renowned Film Critics

Part two:Asian New Trend--Asian New Talent Awards
I.Screening of Films for Asina New Talent Award Competition
II.Asian New Film Forum and Awarding Ceremony of Asina New Talent Award
In this part we establish the very first Asian New Talent Award in order to discover Asian new talented film makers and to reward them highly.  In this way,we can build a stage for expanding the Asian films including Chinese films to the world.

Part three:International Experience--Film Round Table. Opportunities are provided to domestic and foreign filmmkers to get acquaintance and communication.
Three parts are included:
I:Nordie Film: Domestic Orientitation and International Identity
II.Face t oFace with Spanish Film Masters
III.Experience of British Film

The keynote lecturers of Jin Jue International Film Forum consist of famous directors, authorities in this field from many countries,such as China, America, UK, Japan, Korea, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, etc. They are to share their experience and discuss the trend of films in six panels.
Jin Jue International Film Forum of the 7th Shanghai International Film Festival was held at Yin Xing Boardroom, Shanghai Crowne Plaza and on the 3rd floor of Shanghai Film Art Center from June 6th to 12th, 2004.
Part one:
Theme Forum I.Diversified cooperation of Chinese film industry and Global Development
Lasting for over a decade, the system reform of Chinese film industry has come to a crucial point of capital restructuring and productive forces reconstruction. State-owned film organizations had reformed to a great extent, while the number of nongovermental film organizations has been increasingly raised, which has become the major power of Chinese film industry. Under the context of the diversity of film capital, what strategy should be the leaders of Chinese film companies? How to cooperate to realize the development of China's film industry with the diversified capital? With the establishment of closer cooperative relationship between Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, how to optimize the film resources of both parties to expand the Chinese film markets home and abroad?
Top leaders of Chinese film industry, academic authorities home and abroad, fans of Chinese films and investors are to work together on the above topics.

Prof. Ni Zhen, Beijing Film Academy
Prof. Yin Hong, Vice Dean of  Journalism and Communication School in Tsinghua University
*Guest Speakers:
Mr. Yang Buting, Board Chairman of China Film Group
Mr. Ren Zhonglun, President of Shanghai Film Group Corporation
Mr. Li Bolun, President of CITIC Cutural and Sport Industry Co,. Ltd
Mr. Dong Ping, President of Poly-Asian Union Film & Media Co.,Ltd
Mr. Wang Zhongjun, President of Beijing Huayi Brothers &Taihe Film Investment Co., Ltd.
Mr. Bill Kong, President of Hong Kong An Le Film Co.  Ltd.
Ms. Shi Nam San, Famous Film Producer
Mr. Ng See Yuen, Honorary Permanent of Hong Kong Film Directors
Time:  June 6, 2004 10:30-12:00   13:30-17:00
: Yin Xing Boardroom A , Shanghai Crown Plaza Hotel, 400 Panyu Road,Shanghai

Theme Forum II.Dialogue between New Chinese Directors and World Renowned Film Critics
What changes in the creation track of  new Chinese directors? Do changes conflict with their pursuits? How to maintain and popularize their personality? Since their former counterparts fell under the control of international capital, will Chinese new directors follow the track of them? What do the world-renowned film critics think of Chinese films? How do they consider the position of Chinese film in Asia as well as in the whole world? What do they expect new Chinese films? How to combine the global tastes with distinctive creation?
New Chinese directors and world-renowned film critics are to discuss all these questions.
*Moderator: Mr. Wu Yigong, Famous Chinese Director
*Guest Speakers:
Mr. Jia Zhangke, Young Chinese director
Mr. Zhu Wen, Young Chinese director
Mr. Wang Xiaoshuai, Young Chinese director
Mr. David Bordwell, American authoritative film theorist
Mr. Tadao Sato, Japanese film historian and film critic
Mr. Chung Young Tak, Chairman of Korean Cinema Commentary Association
Time: June 7, 2004  14:00-17:00
Venue: Yin Xing Boardroom B, Shanghai Crown Plaza
          400 Panyu Road, Shanghai

Part two:
Film Round Table I.Northern European Film-Domestic Orientation and International Identity
Traditions of Northern European film always remind us of the glory led by Bergman. However, under the context of economic globalization, the past glory become gloomy under the shadow of Hollywood.  After the 1980s, Northern European Film achieved great success in the international community with its strategy of domestic orientation. And the leaders of five Northern European countries' Film Academies and Film Foundations are to share their successful experience of system, production and creation of films and others areas.

*Guest Speakers:
Mr. Staffan Gronberg, Director Intl. Dept., Swedish Film Institute
Mr. Tomas Eskilsson, Managing Director of Film i Vast
Mr. Henning Camre, CEO of Danish Film Institute
Mr. Kim Manosson, General Manager of Nordisk Film Production A/S
Mr. Jaana Puskala-Forsstrom, Head of Intl. Dept. / The Finnish Film Foundation
Mr. Lasse Saarinen, Producer
Mr. Laufey Gudjonsdottir, Director of the Icelandic Film Centre
Mr. Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, Film director
Mr. Vigdis Lian,  Managing director of the Norwegian Film Institute
Time: June 7, 2004 20:00-23:00
Venue: Yin Xing Boardroom B, Shanghai Crown Plaza Hotel, 400 Panyu Road,Shanghai

Film Round Table II. Face to Face with Spanish Masters
The magnificence and strong visual impact of Spanish films have provided the audience with unique experience of watching films. From the contemporary masters Almodovar and Trueba to the former great director Carlos Saura, Spanish film masters impress the world with their distinctive style and strong personality. The developing Shanghai and China have already caught their attention, therefore, this "Round Table" section is to offer an opportunity to have a face-to-face talk with famous Spanish directors, who are led by Carlos Saura.

*Guest Speakers:
Mr. Carlos Saura , Spanish director, writer, producer
Mr. Manuel GutiErrez AragOn , Spanish  producer, director
Time:  June 8,2004 20:00-22:00
Venue:  Yin Xing Boardroom B, Shanghai Crown Plaza Hotel, 400 Panyu Road, Shanghai

Part three:
Asian New Films Forum and Awarding Ceremony of Asian New Talent Awards
As a newly established part in Jin Jue International Forum, Asian New Talent Award provides a stage for Asian new talents. New trend and fashion of Asian film creation are to be released here. International judges of the Award will be the announcers of these new trends. Creative Asian new film directors will provide the audience with a comprehensive and direct image of the Asian new film.

*Extinguished guests:
Juries of Asian New Talent Award
Nominees of Asian New Talent Award
Time: 19:00-20:30 pm,June 12,2004
Venue: Third Floor of Shanghai Film Art Center,  160 Xinhua Road,Shanghai

Guiding Unit:State Film Administration      Host Units:China Media Group Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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