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19.84 KM (China)

Director: YUAN Leo Y.H
Producer: LIM YoungChien    


2054 (China)

Producer: VFS ENT    

A Distant Family (China)
Director: Xuankun WANG    
Producer: Jessica Kam-Engle    
Cain and Abel (China)
Director: ZHANG Linzi    
Producer: KIM Hankoo    
Diamond (China)
Director: XU Ang    
Producer: Luna WANG    

Edge Of The Void (China)
Director: XI Zhongzhong    
Producer: Cary CHENG    
Five Star Billionaire (Malaysia)
Director: Bernard CHAULY    
Producer: Lina TAN    

Director: Jeremy BALL, Scarlet CHEN    
Producer: April YE, Scarlet CHEN    

Goodbye Calcutta (India)
Director: Vivek BUDAKOTI    
Producer: Vivek BUDAKOTI, Rajita SHARMA    

Goodbye, Debussy (China)
Director: CHIANG Chin-Lin    
Producer: GU Xiaodong    

Home Away (China)
Director: Oliver YAN    
Producer: Oliver YAN    

Director: Dong Bin KIM    
Producer: Byoung Gak JEONG    
Just Kidding (China)
Director: Bingjian ZHANG    
Producer: Yang LU, Bingjian ZHANG    

Love Before Sleep (China)
Director: MARK    
Producer: HUANG XuFeng, LIU BaoLong    

The Love of Hawaii (China)
Producer: Michelle MI    
Millions of Dollars Teddy (China)
Director: Lei YOU,    
Producer: , Su REN    

My Egg Boy (Taiwan)
Director: Tien-Yu FU    
Producer: Rachel CHEN    

Purely Accident (China)
Director: HU Jingzhi    
Producer: WANG Jia    
Director: ZHOU HouHeng    
Producer: GONG JinJin    
Reset (China)
Director: CHANG    
Producer: Gigi , PARK eun kyung    

The Reward of Cruel (China)
Director: SU Yang    
Producer: AHN Dong-Kyu    
Snuggling (China)
Director: Chao-liang HUANG    
Producer: Dong-yu LI    

Swarm (Canada)
Director: Jordan BROWN    
Producer: Angie VANCUREN, Jessica LEE    
Tiny Time (China)
Director: WEI A-ting    
Producer: YUAN Mei    

Winning Eleven (China)

Director: LAM TzeChung

Producer: Wing OR, Bony ZHONG

Black Humour Classic (China)
Director: Jerry STONE    
Producer: MOU Lei    
The Bottom Line (China)
Director: PAN Zhixin    
Producer: HAO Li    
Coming Home (China)
Director: Jian XING    
Producer: Jiangzhou REN    

Free Vacation (China)
Director: Angie LIU, Tom XIA    
Producer: Tom XIA, Angie LIU    

The Ice (China)
Director: HE Jia    
Producer: HE Jia, YANG Cheng, QIU Yijing    

Living For You (China)
Director: DING Pei,    
Producer: HE Ping    

Red Strings Attached (China)
Director: YANG Zhe    
Producer: JIANG Hong    

Shanghai Cowboarders (China)
Director: HU Jia    
Producer: HE Deng    

Taekwondo Girl (Taiwan)
Director: Elsa YANG    
Producer: Pockrey CHAO, TENG Yung-Shing   

Unable To Speak (China)
Director: ZHU Yuancheng    
Producer: WANG Na   


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