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2010 Co-FPC


Betty Bangkok (Sweden)
Director: Lovisa Inserra
Company: Governess Films
Producer: Marc Henry Johnson
Producer: EmmaK Dixg?rd
Company: MHJ Productions Inc,Red Sister AB
Screenplay: Lovisa Inserra
Genre: Fiction

Grand Prix (Korea)
Director: Yun-hoYang
Producer: Jung-hak LEE
Company: Never Ending Story
Screenplay: NAM Sang-wook,LEE Jung-hak
Genre: Sports Drama

M45 (China)
Director: Ming Zhang
Producer: Hongjun Zhang
Company: Oriental Century Paradise Culture Co.
Producer: Yong-bae Choi
Company: Chungeorahm Film
Screenplay: Haiyan Qin,Ming Zhang
Genre: Suspense

My Love, My Bride (Korea)
Director: Myung-Se LEE
Company: Production M
Producer: Myung-Se LEE,Ji-hyun Jin
Company: Production M
Screenplay: Myung-Se LEE
Genre: Romantic

Red Flag (USA)
Director: Robert Douglas
Company: Film Douglas
Producer: Jim Stark
Company: Starksales
Screenplay: Robert Douglas
Genre: Humor,Drama

The Red Ribbon (HK, China)
Director: Kyung-Ja LEE
Producer: Lynda Cope,Dean Hou
Company: Accolade films
Company: Beijing ShenShi HuaRui Film Investment Management Co., LTD
Screenplay: Kyung-Ja Lee
Genre: Suspense

TIRLITTAN The Girl With The Golden Hair (Finland)
Director: Kari Juusonen
Company: Making Movies
Producer: Kaarle Aho,Kai Nordberg
Company: Making Movies
Screenplay: Sami Keski-V?h?l?
Genre: Animation

Daylight Fireworks (China)
Director: Yinan Diao
Company: Ho-Hi Pictures, Ltd.
Producer: Vivian Qu
Company: Ho-Hi Pictures, Ltd.
Screenplay: Yinan Diao
Genre: Suspense

The Maglev Story (HK, China)
Director: Anthony Ng
Company: Fuseworks Ltd
Producer: Melissa Lee
Company: Pegu Pictures
Screenplay: Anthony Ng
Genre: Romantic

The Monkey King Wants A Raise (China)
Director: Feng Li
Producer: Wen Zhu
Screenplay: Feng Li
Genre: Humor

Mission Possible (China)
Director: Xiao Jiang
Company: FilmBlog Media
Producer: Lola
Company: FilmBlog Media
Screenplay: Xiao Jiang
Genre: Humor

Tofu Boy (China)
Director: Yi Yan
Company: Magic Dumpling Entertainment
Producer: Kevin Geiger
Company: Magic Dumpling Entertainment
Screenplay: Yi Yan,Wen Feng,Kevin Geiger
Genre: Animation

Kuyo Kuyo Club (Japan)
Director: Hiroshi Okuhara
Producer: Mato Obata
Company: Shipyard Company
Screenplay: Hiroshib Okuhara
Genre: Drama

The Kingdom of Guge (China)
Director: Dai Wei
Company: Beijing Purple Clove Film Co. Ltd
Producer: Ying Liu
Company: Mendovision HK
Screenplay: Mei Qing,Dai Wei
Genre: Drama

Golden (USA)
Director: DeanYurke,Bo Hu
Company: Kerner Pictures,Shanghai Miracle Pictures
Producer: Eric Edmeades,May He,Yuanfu Hong
Company: Canada Longevity Intl. Enterprises Co. Ltd.
Screenplay: DeanYurke
Genre: Horror

Moments In Heaven (China)
Director: Yong Hou
Company: Hou Yong Film Studio
Producer: Linlin Wang
Company: Hou Yong Film Studio
Screenplay: Adapted from the documentary fiction"You can't resist" by Qiao Tu
Genre: Thriller&Romantic

When A Wolf Falls In Love With A Sheep (Taiwan, China)
Director: Chi-Jan Hou
Producer: Wolf Chen,Hank Tseng
Company: Hank Film Co., Ltd.
Company: Strawberry Time Films Ltd.
Screenplay: Chi-Jan Hou
Genre: Romantic Comedy

You're A Big Girl Now (USA)
Director: Tze Chun
Company: The Complications
Producer: Mynette Louie
Company: Syncopated Films
Screenplay: Tze Chun
Genre: Historical Drama

Personality Vending Machine (Taiwan, China)
Director: Cho Li
Company: Ocean Deep Films
Producer: Yeh Jufeng
Company: Ocean Deep Films
Screenplay: Wu Nunu,Xia Pei'er
Genre: Drama

The Negotiator (China)
Director: Sheng Ding
Producer: Chao Lv
Screenplay: Wei Tan(Original Writer:Daoxin Zhong,Xiaojun Zhong)
Genre: Suspense

The Same River (China)
Company: Shanghai Sanyuan Movie&Television Co., Ltd.
Producer: Bingkun Lin,YubinYang
Company: Shanghai Sanyuan Movie&Television Co., Ltd.
Screenplay: Yuchang Chang
Genre: Romantic

Suddenly It Likes A Flame (Japan)
Director: Kah Wai Lim
Company: Cinema Drifters
Producer: Kiki Sugino,Kousuke Ono
Company: Wa Entertainment Inc
Company: Wa Entertainment Inc
Screenplay: Kah Wai Lim
Genre: Suspense

My Girlfriend Is A Spy (China)
Director: Nian He
Producer: Chao Lv
Company: S.F.G. Emperor Culture Development Co., Ltd
Screenplay: Caishen Ning
Genre: Suspense

LOVE-V.I.P. (Taiwan, China)
Director: Leste Chen
Company: JHT Etertainment
Producer: Zoe Yen
Company: CMC Etertainment
Screenplay: Taihua Wu,Leste Chen
Genre: Humor

Repairman Funding Pitch (China)
Director: Xiaolian Peng
Company: Shanghai Sanyuan Movie Television Co., Ltd.
Producer: Yubing Yang
Company: Shanghai Sanyuan Movie&Television Co., Ltd.
Screenplay: Xiaolian Peng, Fei Luo
Genre: Romantic

Last Valentine's Day (China)
Director: Zhimin Sheng
Producer: Shunguo Zhuo
Company: LETV Pictures Company Ltd
Screenplay: Zhimin Sheng
Genre: Romantic


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