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Different Versions of 'The Twins' To Be Released in Three Countries


  Three different versions of romantic thriller "The Twins" are expected to be released at the same time this year in China, Japan and South Korea, the 2016 Shanghai International Film and TV Festival was told yesterday.

  The separate versions include different casts and crew, some of whom spoke about the production at the festival

  South Korean director Jin-sung Kim directed the Chinese and South Korean versions of "The Twins."

  "The Chinese version focuses on telling the love story, while the South Korean version is more of a suspense thriller," Kim said.

  Chinese actor Liu Haoran plays the lead role, Li Pin, in the Chinese production, a student who gets involved in a series of supernatural events. Liu plays both the twin brothers in the film.

  "As a young actor,'The Twins' is my third movie and it's very different from the previous ones," he said."For me it's a big challenge, and playing the character also helped me to realize my shortcomings as well as the progress I have made," Liu added.

  Chinese actress Zhao Rui takes the same role of a housekeeper in all versions of "The Twins."

  "I’m very fortunate to be in three versions and to work with young actors from the three countries," Zhao said.

  "They are young, but they have their own understandings of the characters and script. It was a very valuable creative experience,” she added.


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