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Stars to attend new Superman movie which premieres at SIFF


The new Hollywood summer blockbuster Superman: Man of Steel will have its premiere during Shanghai International Film Festival on June 19.


The film's leading star Henry Cavill and director Zack Snyder will attend the premiere and meet audience members in Shanghai.


The latest film version of the comic book hero's exploits also stars Amy Adams, and Kevin Costner. It was produced by Christopher Nolan, who made the epic Batman trilogy, and is a co-production of Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures.


The Hollywood movie has attracted much attention through previews in the United States, but its release schedule was not settled until only recently.


Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures approached the SIFF Organizing Committee to have their film involved in the event.


Superman: Man of Steel will be released in mainland China on June 20, thus becoming the first Hollywood film during the summer session as well as the only Hollywood blockbuster to be screened in June.


Warner Bros. has heavily invested in the movie to produce a heroic but more realistic legend of the Superman who grew up in solitude and against all adversity. The first superhero in the history of comics, “Superman” has amassed an incredible number of fans since debuting 75 years ago.


Film critics spoke highly of the movie following private previews in February this year. It was praised for having “possessed both Nolan’s dark qualities and outstanding visual effects, exceeding most of Zack Snyder’s previous films.”


Snyder says it is his tribute to the first superhero in comics and believes the movie will be a huge success.


Thrilled to be at SIFF, he said “All our crew members are very excited about the event, and we are delighted to share this film with you.”


Snyder looks forward to the film’s release in China and reminds Chinese fans not to miss its debut on June 20.